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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 5:31 AM

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once upon a time, there was a girl and a label called cupcake princess~

…and now, she's back! with millions of new ideas, infinite energy and lots of stuff to do! had been a little bit quiet, because of a hough amount of commission work…

since a few days, you can buy my whole new collection on
DAWANDA! a few days, there will be some english product information, too!

With lots of love,
Cupcake Princess ♥


Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 1:08 PM

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It's raffle time!

As soon as I get the 100th follower on tumblr, or the 100th Like on Facebook, I will give away a special Cupcake Princess bundle! Including a cute donut mobile phone charm, a black ruffled choker and some other goodies. (Yes, if you take part in the raffle here on TUMBLR or on FACEBOOK you can double your chances of winning one of the bundles!! =3)

Just follow the instructions on the pages. =3

I will keep you posted and will announce the winner in my tumblr blog or facebook page.

Good luck everyone! =3