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Ashpaw/ art trade with EpicmittenDraws/

I realized that I never draw an apprentice.... 0-0
I also try to draw Ashpaw when she was a kit....(because I never draw a kit, so I want to try :3....)
She don't look like a kit.... ;^;

But anyway I adore her color of the fur!!! ♡v

(sorry for the delay.....)

art trade with: :iconepicmittendraws:

(c) art by Me
(c) Ashpaw by…
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This looks like if Ashfur had a kit with hollyleaf but then cinderpelt/ cinderheart

(Not trying to make fun)

Really nice looking

Btw- if you read the warrior cat books you will know what I'm talking about.......and yes I know this comment if vary late.
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yeah, why I didn't think about it :D ?!

thank you<3

In my country only ten books of Warrior Cats (if I remember right) are translate, but I know all of them ;D

Oh, and I'm so sorry for this reply, it's tooooooo late.... Xd
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omg it's so beautiful *___* <333 and the shading is amazing! 
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OwO This is amazing!
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this is so awesome!!!
i love this so much <3333 tysm
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hey do you think you could make the background transparent ? if not thats completely fine <3
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