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Akemi - Art Trade with Akemaii -

Ah-ahm's been awhile :,D

So... it's....too late, I now this,...I had a loooooong hiatus time and I had lost interest in finish a lot of in general
('s not's... o-o)~...)

In any case... I finish it.....I FINISH IT...(I'm so happy ;u;), and yes, I change a lot my style...
I start the sketch like... 2 years ago...and 2 weeks ago I redrew it, using the Caracal hybrid's ref of Akemi

After this..., I'm so soooorry for the long time passed until I finish it, but I hope you like it  >~<

Art Trade with: :iconakemaii:

(c) Art by Me
(c) Akemi by Akemaii (Akemi)
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Omg ! You're back ! You did you disappear for like, 2 years ;o; I loved your art ! But I'm very glad to see you back dear ♥
Thank you so much for your part, your style improved a lot and this fullscene is just amazing omg ?? 
The background is just beautiful, plus, you drew her with the sea behind, sea and beach are just my favorite place to be and Akemi's too ;w; 
I have no word to describe how much I love this drawing, thank you so much again, I will do my part as soon as possible, can you just send me a ref ? 
I won't make a background though because I'm very bad at it, but I will draw a fullbody shaded for sure pink heart {big} 
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Awnn you're back ;o; !
I love your new style, It's beautiful ^^.
Mi piace molto :D.
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Aah yesss :D
Aw thank you~
Eh eh grazie •u•
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Awesome work !
Your backgrounds are gorgeous !!! :heart:
CuorediLupo's avatar
Yay, thanks!! ^u^
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this looks great! i'm glad to see you're back, i really love your art!
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Oh man this is amazing !! I love your style oml, juste awesome ! ;w;
CuorediLupo's avatar
OvO thank you so much!!~
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