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Hisoka Kurosawa (Fatal Frame V) Full Nude Mod


I’ve been wanting to make nude mod of this lady for a long time. Thanks to FallingAlyx for the base model and DriftersBoobs for the amazing boobs.
All left for me to add are the crotch (including pubes and genital) and bare foot. The crotch is difficult one and despite my effort, you’ll see some texture seams and unsightly deformation up close. But overall it works.

DOWNLOAD (v1.01)

-Choker and pubes are optional
-Turn on BFC & AFC
-To make it compatible with DOA poses, change the default pose to DOA5-type by swinging the thigh outward by 15 degrees.
-Barely tested, report significant flaws that I missed from list below
Known issues:
-Texture seams on body (notably her ass)
-Vagina has bones but may not working effectively

Credits: Tecmo-Koei. FallingAlyx, DriftersBoobs.

V1.01: Fixed mirrored head bones
Added link

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您好,你能不能分享Hisoka Kurosawa的xps文件?我找不到原作者,我想他可能已经撤回了他的帐户。  
JellySnek's avatar
Do you still have original model with clothes?
DerangedGod's avatar
Looks incredible, good job! :shuffelin: 
Cash4488's avatar
Oh, very nice!
flyfyl0723's avatar
for some reasons i cant dl from mega.
so can you pls upload her to DA pls? 
cunihinx's avatar
I can't edit this post and replace the image with the zip. Try using other browser to dl from Mega.
Edit: I forgot existed, I've uploaded both Yuri and Hisoka to there. Don't expect me to do the same for other older models.
flyfyl0723's avatar
jackjhon's avatar
Excellent work waiting for more models
54241207's avatar
NICE! Good work! :D (Big Grin)
cc3725's avatar
a408552864's avatar
Thank you very much for generous sharing !But mega is not available in my country(I don't know why) ,could you please give me a google drive or mediafire download link ? Thanks a lot !
cunihinx's avatar
Try using different browser. Or if it's really blocked in your country, maybe using proxy will work. I'm sure googling about the problem can give you a way.
lynnechae's avatar
FallingAlyx's avatar
Oh, this is nice! But i have to upload her again. I saw a big problem with rename :/
cunihinx's avatar
I don't know if it's the case with my XPS acting but it seems your original model has its bones reversed (moving left shoulder bones ended up moving her right shoulder for example). For both head and body but not hair bones. I didn't realize it until now, but it seems DriftersBoobs fixed the body (that I used here) but not the head.
I'm gonna update this later.
DriftersBoobs's avatar

Sorry, I forgot I report that to you guys.

I reversed right and left of a bone, Only the body using the existing pauses.

FallingAlyx's avatar
yup, i noticed that few days ago, but i'm too busy now to fix it. Body is ok now, but face needs to change :/
BurpnDerp's avatar
NICE! Good work! :D
ShinyLightBulb's avatar
Nice work.. :D

Can't wait for Yuri to be updated..
If you will, that is.. :D
cunihinx's avatar
Yes, Yuri v2 is next
DriftersBoobs's avatar
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