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Anubis and Bastet

This was for a Puzzle and Dragon's one true pairing contest. 

I didn't win, but I love this pairing qwq. 

I have a thing for Anubis-like creatures. Slay me. 
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That's not a ring...
KuwabaraVSYusuke's avatar
Anubis-bhlue's avatar
omgggg this is so cute. OWO
x-NightmareKitty-x's avatar
Damn Anubis came out wonderful in this. 
Bastet looks absolutely adorible
to4oo4's avatar
This is great!
Rex2D2's avatar
i love this piece its so cute
kimberlyrav's avatar
GOD I FEEL LIKE YOU SHOULD'VE WON! This is amazing!! :heart:
pookiesaurus4's avatar
I also learned that Anubis is one of her consorts
NekoManHD's avatar
Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Meow :3 
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That's super cute!
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They are cute together
taragon90's avatar
This is really cute, keep it up.
itshauntedtoon's avatar
This is very nice.
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heheh, Anubis has quite a cocky smile. It's like he's flirting with her, saying something like "You are more beautiful than the diamond hills of the eastern valley."
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'S cute.  I wanna take that bastet and huggle her till her eyes pop outta her little head.  But what is anubis actually doing in this picture?
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Bastet is cuute!! 

Ohh, there was a little story that went with this. 
To make it short, Bastet forgot her arm gauntlets for fighting at Hathor's place. Anubis happens to be passing by Hathor's so he offers to return the gauntlets for Bastet. And TA-DAH. 
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I have always seen the personality of Anubis calm serene and fair, something contrary to bastet that already in explosive, so are give as well. Hahahah
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i love how cute Bastet looks here
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