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Plague - phase 2 variations



Before finishing the phase 2 picture ->

Plague - boss battle - phase 2

I had to try several combinations of different colours in order to find the (for me) best one.

My personal conclusion still is none of the other ones can beat the final version which made it into the picture. I really like the combination between the glowing yellow/orange and the darker grey of Plague's body. It fits well with the "fire" theme. Plague is not just becoming more like a "dragon", the body itself seems to adopt volcanic traits looking more like magma ->

It makes sense inside the story/comic as well. After Twilight managed to freeze Plague solid, for a short time, of course it would adopt a more "firey" form as an effective defense against Twilight's freezing spell, and, as described in the phase 2 picture, this form is immune to freezing spells.

I'm not a big fan of the other variations and I think the red one is the worst. It looks so cheep to me like if someone took an existing picture added a red-filter in Photoshop and tried to sell it as something new. It's not good.

I'm happy with the choice I ended up with. I however honestly regret a bit to have changed Plague's hairy "mane" to a "leather-crown". The original "mane" looks better.

What do you think?

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Can you show what was left of the unfinished page that was supposed to be 41? I am really curious