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Birds - sketch



Now, during my current holidays, I finally found time to sketch this down, and I already noticed many things I need to fix for the final version. ^^;

Eventually I will draw a clean vector of this with shadows and background, no idea when that will be though XD . At the moment I have 2 other pics in work which have a similar number of characters on them, that's why they will take a while too. Speaking of "characters". From left to right we have:

Marina "The pebble and the penguin" - Warner Bros.

Winnie Wanna "Alfred J. Kwak show" - Herman van Veen

Stella "Balto 3" - Universal studios

Daisy Duck - Disney

Missy "101 Dalmatians TV show" - Disney

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It's nice that Winnie has also been included in this picture. :D