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Culture Crash Comics is, to put it simply, a bimonthly Filipino comic magazine.

The publication's editor-in-chief and publisher, Jescie James Palabay, says that Culture Crash Comics got its name from Filipino culture, which to him is "basically a crash of cultures". While the group's work standard is based on those established by publishers in the U.S., Europe and Japan, there is a strong, conscious effort to retain a Filipino character at the very heart of the comic. This is the reason why the artwork may be Japanese-styled, but each story has a very unique and distinct Filipino flavor.

The prototype for Culture Crash was the comic magazine Culture Shock, which was produced by the group Asiancore Komiks in 1996. Other than the titles currently running in Culture Crash --- One Day Isang Diwa by J.L.Palabay, Pasig by Taga-Ilog, Cat's Trail by Elmer Damaso and Kubori Kikiam by Michael David --- it also carried the titles Tokyo M-Zero by Elmer Damaso and Soulman by Ogie Bragais.

Since its debut in August 2000, Culture Crash has strived, and will continue to strive, to live up to its reputation as the Philippines' premiere comic magazine.

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