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renewSet for Android

By cultinium
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Thank you all, for the views, the comments, the Dls, and the favs ! Thanks. :)

.: renewSet icons for Android in 72px.
.: 46+ icons
.: With original color from Android 2.x/4.x
.: For HDPI phone.
.: Inspire by some other icons set.

.new settings
.new contact
.new phone
.titanium backup
and more

/ NEW\
4 April 2012
.play store (3 icons in test)

-Android Navigation
-Android Task Killer
-Astro File Manager
-Camera (x3)
-Contact (x3)
-Gallery (x2)
-Movie Player
-Phone (x2)
-QRcode Scanner + BarreCode Scaner
-Settings (x2)
-Google Talk
-Tweetdeck (FaceTwitter version)
-Tweetdeck (FaceBuzzTwitter version)
© 2010 - 2020 cultinium
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wow beauty job
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wow i love these!  hope to see them in the google play store soon!   and with support for Holo Launcher!! :)
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Is it possible to get a base PSD to create additional icons?
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how to install in ADW LAUNCHER for full change?
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Gret job on the icons! :) Silly question: You wouldn't happen to have a wallpaper-sized imagefile of the background? I just really love the yellow color with the gradient! :p Cheers!
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Like that [link] ?
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Yes! =D Oh my God I love you! Merci very much. =p
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Hey cultinium, these are the most sweatest icons I have ever seen- atleast till now!
So I added them to a theme I made for the Nexus 7 and sharing it with everyone, [link], I have included you on the credits if that is okay. Let me know if you are comfortable with it. thanks and keep making more! :love:
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Beautiful Set! :love:
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Nice. Featured on [link]
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Thanks a lot !
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Very very NICE !!! :D
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LOVE these icons. Looking forward to future additions.
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Dude I really love the look of your icons. But how do I download them? All I can see on this page is a Download Image link for the renewset 72px android. png file.
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Sorry i forgot to upload the .rar ! xD
Fix !
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Got it! Thank you for sharing your nice work!
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These icons are absolutely great. I've been using them for a long time now, and I have no thoughts of switching any time soon. Sorry for not commenting on them earlier!
Also do you have any plans on releasing more?
Thank you for all your hard work. :)
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I probably release new icons this week ! :)
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Awesome stuff! Thank you!
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