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Sharing some old art with you! (because i don't think i ever published those)

As it sometimes happens when you're supposed to do some cleaning, you get stuck with stuff that you haven't seen for years which would all lead to hours of digressing because you have to look at these things and bath yourself in some nostalgia first.

Well, guess what happened to me lately.
I stumbled over super old art which was drawn when i was still a kiddo and i thought: why the f*ck not share it with you! 8D

Thus, have some cover papers from my old personal math book, which were drawn when i was in my early teens.
Explanation: In our class, we all had to make ourselves a personal "math book" where we would collect all the different mathematic formulas that we would learn. I suck hard at math, but being the artsy kid i was, i would still touch up my book with some colourful art for each new topic, accompanied by two mascots which would introduce it. And wouldn't you know: They happen to be a fox and a snake (both random and without a name). Usually i cringe at old art, but these two, i surprisingly find rather cute even to this day. X)

Note: It's all German of course and i always tried to illustrate the mascot with a visual pun of some sorts that would go along with the mathematical formula. Perhaps some of you non-german speakers can guess some. Or just laugh at my derpy drawing skills from x years ago. :B


(open the pictures in a new tab to see them enlarged...hope it works, i don't know how to HTML. Just like math :P)

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Long time no journal entry!

Thought it was high time to feature a project that i was artistically involved with and which, since October 2017, is finally out for sale.

Meet Cutthroat Kingdoms, a board card game with medieval setting, backstabbing and intrigue:


"You are the leading lord or lady of one of the six eminent Houses in the Kingdom of Aurum—a grim fantasy world fraught with danger, intrigue, and plague. You must use your armies to claim Territories, gather wealth, recruit Hirelings, and hire Mercenaries as you pursue your nefarious plots and jockey for power. Political intrigue and assassinations abound, and powerful strategic alliances are offset by bloody conflicts. Most importantly, will you strive for domination alone, or tie your fortunes to another House through a well-placed political marriage!"

Bryan Merlonghi's Cutthroat Kingdoms kept me busy during the majority of the time between 2014 and 2016. Providing the artwork for this board game (which can be best described as "playing an episode of Game Of Thrones" :P) was an amazing ride for me; it pushed me as an artist and as it is with every project, i find it extremely riveting to see things you put hard work into finally coming to life. To that rule, Cutthroat Kingdoms is no exception. I'm happy and proud that i could contribute to that with my art.

Cutthroat Kingdoms is published via AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group) and can be ordered directly on their site or through Amazon...or wherever you may get amazing games. :)

Visit this link on AEG for more pictures and infos about the game:
Cutthroat Kingdoms on AEG

You may also check out the game's site on Facebook for more:
Cutthroat Kingdoms On Facebook

Thanks for reading and take care,
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Hey guys,

little announcement to make! Last year, i had the honour to contribute some of my art to a novel by Belgish author Ronny D'Hulster, called "Robin And Rudyard".

The book comes in two variants - one regular version and one limited deluxe edition (see photos below).




A little video of what the novel is about can be seen here:

Featured illustrations of mine are both "Walking On The Edge" and "Culpaeus",

Walking on the edge by Culpeo-Fox Culpaeus by Culpeo-Fox well as some new exclusive ones that haven't been uploaded here. :-)

You can order the book directly from the author:

Ronny D'Hulster

or through Amazon (though there, you will only be able to obtain the regular version):


Robin And Rudyard is a beautiful work of prose that tackles a very unusual subject - being a Two-Spirit - in the most subtle and elegant way, following the story of a young boy who is accompanied by a vulpine guard called Rudyard. I would be more than happy if you decided to check it out and tell me how you like it. :)

Best wishes and stay tuned,
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Disclaimer before i start:

So, that one infamous episode just aired some time ago. After Negan's victim(s) revealed – and also the way how it happened – i refused to watch it at first because i simply did not want to see it. I knew how this particular scene was depicted in the comic books, which already was the very reason why i never got into the comics in the first place (i'll come back to that later), i hoped to the very last second, that they would not go the same route as the comic scene did. But well, curiosity kills the fox cat and eventually, i did see the it.

And i do not approve.
That was -not- okay.

….but before i continue, let me tell you something about The Walking Dead and me.

To me, The Walking Dead never was the stellar show that i'd praise the same way in which i praise Breaking Bad for example. As someone once put it (i think it was a guy from Screenjunkies): Breaking Bad is like a five star noble restaurant while The Walking Dead is more like a Hot Dog bar; not as pricey, not having as much quality, but it still can give you a pretty good time. And that's exactly what it did, for me at least. Putting aside all the numerous flaws (...let's just mention the “farm season“ here), The Walking Dead had this: It had characters. Characters to sympathise with, to hate, to root for, characters that grew close and that develop. And it had some brilliant - albeit sometimes shocking, but always strong - character developement in particular and i greatly enjoyed the show for these things exactly. To me, all the gore and the zombies were only secondary stuff. The real focus always were the characters and the impact this new world would have on them, changing them.

Besides the characters and their stories, this show also simply has had....moments. Moments that stay with you for a long time after watching, that will leave an impression. One of these particular moments, i want to point out is the following.

There is one episode during the later seasons, where Rick, Carl and Michonne go on a ride, searching for supplies. On their way, they come across a lone hitchhiker whom they don't know, who on sight starts screaming for help, waving his arms and begging the car to stop. The car does not stop. No one of them talks, they simply drive on.

tumblr_ofs67vyklk1rno7w6o1_250 tumblr_ofs67vyklk1rno7w6o2_250

During the episode, they come across this hitchhiker a few more times and it always ends up in them driving away, leaving him behind in the distance. They never stop to help or take him with them.

tumblr_ofs67vyklk1rno7w6o4_250 tumblr_ofs67vyklk1rno7w6o3_250
tumblr_ofs67vyklk1rno7w6o5_250 tumblr_ofs67vyklk1rno7w6o6_250

This is until the very few last minutes of the episode. They come across the hitchhiker again – but this time, the hitchhiker doesn't run nor scream. What's left of him is a trail of blood on the side of the road, with nothing but his backbag lying on the ground.

And this is the moment, where the car finally stops. Rick, Carl and Michonne take the backpack – and drive on.

tumblr_ofs67vyklk1rno7w6o9_250 tumblr_ofs67vyklk1rno7w6o10_250

This is one of those moments, that made this show for me, scenes like those are where it really shines. What happens here is subtle, disturbing, heartbreaking, effective. It shows what the environment, years of experience and fight for survival did to these characters and their psyche. It didn't need any big dramatic words, it did work without any gimmickry. It stunned me, it did make me feel sick, emotionally invested and it did so for the longest of time. And there are so many more of those. Carol going „Of Mice And Men“ (and i could write a book about Carol's character alone). The Governor's relationship to Meghan (and again, by God, the Governor, i could write a bunch about this guy. What a great, great villain he was, someone, that Rick himself could have become...or still could become at some point). Shane and his killing of Otis and what that makes of him....and so on.

Now we have seen Glenn dying.
No, not just dying. His head gets smashed by a bat until it looks like someone dropped a cherry cake on the ground and nothing of his face is left. The whole process takes long enough to watch us his left eye popping out, hearing him muttering some brain-damaged last words to Maggie who sits right next to him in horror, getting teased by Negan before he finally takes him out of his misery. The camera shows anything and everything. In other words: He dies the exact same way like in the comic books. With the only exception that his remains in the TV-show look even worse.
And doesn't stop there. Rick is pushed into a herd of walkers to get a chopper. After that, he is forced to use the exact same chopper to cut off the arm of his own son until Negan stops him in the last seconds: It was all just a really sick joke. The whole episode is like one big party of nasty psycho games played on our main characters (and on us). To „break“ Rick, as one can read everywhere. And breaking Rick (or any others, for that matter) is exactly what happens. I think i've never seen Rick this weak and helpless before. It was unbearable (though i will give the episode that at leastt: The acting was mindblowing). i said: The hitchhiker scenes made me feel sick, they left an impression. In a „good“ way.
This scene, this whole episode...made me angry. In the worst way possible. Not so much for the violence itself (although it was without a doubt one of the most violent things in the series so far and it makes me wonder once more: Nipples and swearing words need censorship, but THIS get's a "go"?). I'm not even angry for Glenn dying (although it still would have hurt no matter what).
This episode simply made me angry for the way he goes. The way every single one of the main characters is treated in this particular episode. Why? Because it lacks any kind of respect or dignity, neither for the characters nor the audience.

Abraham gets his hit first. It's cruel and heartbreaking (especially if you look at his hand gesture and catch the silent little goodbye message of his), but bears no comparison to the extreme violence that the camera shows when Glenn is killed. Abraham's head get's smashed more or less off-screen and everything is over relatively fast, while with Glenn, it goes on for minutes. And we see everything.

Would it have been different if it was the other way round? Would i have been less angry? Well...yes.
I know how hypocritical that sounds and how unfair it seems to Abraham. But you know it's true - and that's exactly why the whole scene was written the way it was, why Abraham was killed off first. The writers must have predicted that Abraham's death wouldn't have had the same impact and so, the audience was tricked (if not to say, manipulated) to feel safe until Negan pulled out his own version of a jump scare and suddenly hit Glenn with his baseball bat "Lucille".

Abraham, we only knew for a couple of seasons. I liked him okay and i was sad to see him go, but i could deal with it, especially since the camera didn't stay on him when Negan did his smashing.

Glenn on the other hand – he was there from the very start. This guy, we have known for seven years. He was the very first of the original group that Rick met, the one who saved Rick to get out of the tank alive. We've seen him go and grow, turning from a young and clever pizza delivery boy to an experienced survival artist with leadership ability, being  one of Rick's closest friends. And he wasn't only that. What made Glenn one of my favourite characters was his pure personality – although he has to go through as much shit as any other, he still was the one who was able to maintain the most of his humanity, the one who, after all these years of survival, would still have trouble in simply killing someone. In other words: he meant hope. Hope, that there still was something good left in all of this mess. He was a trace of both Dale's and Hershel's morality and ideals. He was one of the Atlanta Five.

For a show about zombies, I know how stretched it can appear at first when i complain about the brutality of his death. We've seen some really cruel deaths in The Walking Dead for sure. Not only walkers or antagonists, but also main characters had to go in some really nasty ways. We've seen limbs chopped off, we've seen stabbing and decapitation, suicides, shootings and disembowelling (speaking of main characters going down especially brutal, one might remember Noah or Hershel).
And i know how weird that sounds but still...all of that above is better than having a face smashed beyond recognition. It's one thing to kill off walkers or hated antagonists or characters we've barely known for some episodes/seasons or just some random guy in a cruel way. It's a complete different thing to kill off a core main character, who has been there from the first episode in SUCH a horrible, unworthy way that bears no comparison to anything we have seen before. Simply put: Glenn didn't deserve it to go like this (even Joffrey Baratheon, that despicable, little rat from Game of Thrones we all wanted to die, had it better).

As i said earlier: my problem is not so much Glenn's death itself. I could have dealt with it okay, if it happened off-screen with a pace as fast as Abraham, or if he was „just shot“ instead or something like that. I didn't want to see that happen to a main character that i've known for such a long time. I, as an audience, simply did not need to see that. I did not need to see Glenn, a character that i've known for so long and who in a way became „family“ (it sounds weird, but this is exactly what happens sometimes), tortured like this, teased like this, muttering words brain-damaged with a popped out eye, his face completely distorted until nothing but a bloody mess of his head is left, hands still twitching, chest still breathing. I didn't need to see Negan doing all of this to get what a psychotic jerkass he is. It's just gimmickry and unbearable at that, reminding of what you might see on Saw and the like - and those were my original thoughts for the scene of the comic version. The mere fact of his death, of Maggie being alone now and him never seeing his unborn child, is heartbreaking already, it would have been enough. This and the ending scene, where Rick has the vision at the dinner table, with everyone alive and happy was perfect like this, in all it's tragic undertone (on a sidenote: the episode did have great moments still. The dinner scene was haunting. Rick's very short flashbacks of all his friends were wonderful. And as said above, the acting, Andrew Lincoln in particular, was so good that it physically hurt).
I've read somewhere that they included so much violence because they not only wanted to break the characters, but also the audience as well. Sorry, but this is not how you do it (unless, with „break“ you mean turn away in anger and disgust not for the character Negan, but for those who wrote him like that).

I can already hear the arguments: „This is exactly what happened in the comics, so they're just staying true to the source material!“
I know. But i also know that there are plenty of things were the TV-series did everything else but stay true to the comics and for the most part, i'm absolutely glad that they did (writing in the character of Daryl Dixon and completely changing Carol was some of the best changes altogether. Also, in the comics, the Govenor rapes Michonne which will lead to a most gruesome revenge of hers and i thank God they left this out completely).
When i found out about Glenn's death in the comic versions, i felt the exact same that i feel now. It wasn't shock, i wasn't „broken“. It mostly was just anger and disbelief that any writer could do that to a main character. I might be biased in this matter and i know that i'm especially eccentric when it comes to my own characters, but as a story writer myself, i do have some kind of respect for the personalities that i create and i always felt some deep contempt for those who'd just toy with their characters as if they were nothing more but peasants on a chess board. „Who cares, whether other care for them, they're mine and i can torture them how much i want lol!“
I know that many people love and prefer the comics and that's perfectly fine. I just quickly realised for myself that i could not bear with the way the characters are treated in this; it's a major flaw in my eyes and so, i never got into the comics and probably never will. After having all those changes they made for the TV-show, it just makes me wonder why they decided to keep this exact scene – but in contrast, NOT Negan's heavy swearing for example. Blood and guts are okay, but the F-word is a no-no? Again....what kind of logic is this.

I also hear the other arguments. „Everyone can die, it's just realistic, being a main character who has been there from the start does not save you from dying“. Well, there is this realism-bat (no pun intended, haha) again, that so many seem to swing nowadays. „More realism“ was the reason why Peter Jackson introduced 48 fps when he brought out the Hobbit movies, „more realism“ i also hear when people talk about Game Of Thrones and when yet another character dies (which i also just find rather annoying by now).

The thing is, though: Whenever i watch a movie or a TV-show or read a novel or consume any form of fiction, i do not want realism. I want good fiction. I want a good story, with great storytelling and characters that i can root for, that i can sympathise with, that i can see grow, that i can hate and see get what they deserve, that will grow close to me, that become family to me. No, it doesn't mean that i require every story to have an Happy Ending where no one dies. In fact, i do have a soft spot for tragic stories in particular. I want to see them fall and rise again, i want them to deal or overcome their struggles, i want to experience and learn whatever they experience and learn. But above all of that: I want a good story, that keeps me going with characters that are treated with the dignity they deserve. In the case of Glenn: No, he doesn't need to die a hero's death like Boromir. Just....don't fucking smash his head to pieces for an eternity and keep the camera up close while doing so? With this scene, they did the same major flaw that the comics have for me. What happened here has nothing to do with good storytelling. That was mere shock value. We kill and we do it this way because we can, wohoo!

Well, fuck you very much.

With The Walking Dead right now, after watching this episode...i don't know why i should keep going, because i don't know what for. Do i want to see Rick kick Negan's ass for what he did? Yeah, sure i want. But then what? Rick, really all of them, are so broken by now, they have seen so much shit this far that it makes me ask: How much can a character take? How much can i (a.k.a the audience) take? Will this go on, until really everyone Rick has known and loved ultimately died off or what? How can this end anyway? I don't know. It's starting to get just really depressing.

Don't get me wrong: I still love this show for some of these many moments like the hitchhiker that i mentioned in the beginning, i still greatly enjoy most of the seasons so far. The characters (or those who remain) still mean a LOT to me. Will i return, will i continue? Not now. I most likely will at some point, because I'm inconsistent like that (also, there was a.....tiger in the trailer?!).

As things are now, though....I just miss my Hot Dog bar, i guess.

Thank you for the good times, Glenn.
You will find her.

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EDIT: I got a message from the seller on Amazon (who was as understanding and cooperative as can be about this whole thing) and they took the item down. Thank you so much again for all the help and heads-up!

EDIT EDIT: With the great help of winter-of-hearts the shop on AliExpress was closed and taken down. If you're curious about the (painful and by no means easy) process, you can read about it here:
(small) victory over copyright theftIf you aspire to become the best artist or writer that you can be, then you should know all about dreaming and daydreaming. It's how heroes, monsters and crazy adventures are born. Dreams whisk you away to a special place - a sanctuary within your own head. And chances are that you visit this special place more than you go to Church; when you're on the treadmill; when you're caught in traffic (hopefully not while you are driving); and, if you are anything like me, while you're bored in the board room (no pun intended).
After all, it is your world. And it is sacred - or at least you think of it that way. It takes you away from all the bad things in the world, and it allows you to harness your emotion into positive, creative energy. To say things that can only be said through poetry, fantasy, a crime thriller, and heck knows how else.
So what happens when you wake up one morning to find this place violated by some schmuck and their 2-penny cyber shop?
You wake u

I want to thank you all so much again for all the help, encouraging words and more! I appreciate it a bunch.

Hey guys,

long time no journal and for me, it's extra-unfortunate that the first journal for this year has to be about art theft again. *sigh* Sorry.

A got a heads-up from several watchful people now (thank you all!) that the following art of mine:
Butler by Culpeo-Fox
was being used on Amazon (now removed, everything's fine again) and another site called Aliexpress, altered (some japanese sentences i can't read were added) AND printed on leather wallets - AND sold as such. Of course, without permission whatsoever, illegal all the way. They're also using other art and i wouldn't be surprised if those were stolen as well.

Unfortunately i can't do too much about it which is why i want to ask you if you could leave some 1-star-reviews under the whole thing, labeling it as what is is and keeping others from buying it (some already did and also posted photos, which...makes me just sick).

I would be more than thankful for that.
Also, if you know a way how to get these things down from the site, please let me know.

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Hey everyone,

sorry for the lack of activity lately; I've been working on multpile projects for some time now, both private and with several business partners. Time to stop for a second and share some of that stuff!

I had the pleasure to work for a high quality Absinthe manufacturarer some time ago and it is finally up for sale! The Brand's name is "Black Fox" and there was only one choice for me in terms of who should cover the label:

72 % by Culpeo-Fox

...I still find it kinda surreal (in the most awesome way, though) that i would see Whisper covering an official label for Absinthe one day. Destiny surely has its ways, man. 8F

If you feel like saying Cheers to the green Fox fairy at some point, go check it out and/or buy it here:
Order Absinthe Black Fox

Yours truly,
AbSINth by Culpeo-Fox
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A little announcement.
Or WARNING, if you will.

I won't loose too many words and will just get straight to the point:

There exists a person on the Internet who does impersonate me; they are not only using an email address which is almost identical to mine (theirs is but MINE is, they are also using parts of my real name and scam people who are looking to buy the Skat Deck - and accidentally sent their inquiry/payment to the wrong mail address.

I found out about it through such a customer who contacted the wrong address.

Bad enough, one might think. But i think the moment i really began to feel nauseated was when the customer would show me screenshots of these mails that the impersonator would reply with: basically using a bunch of culpeorisms like i would always use them in private notes or mails (therefore, i have the notion that this person is someone who had contact with me or bought something from me before, hence their knowledge of my real name). Ergo: Someone who would really and actively impersonate the very me, stealing money and misusing trust of unaware customers under a wrong name. My name. you all may know i've dealt with a colourful bunch of examples of art theft all these years, plenty of it - and impersonators as well (there are like three "Culpeo Fox" people on Twitter for example, and don't get me started on sites like Facebook, etc.). But THIS takes the whole identity theft-issue to a new level. I don't even feel the amount of anger and incrompehension anymore when i only think about it. I will never understand how utterly low some ass can get and do such bullshit. I just. Don't. Get it (and even worse than that, i've already seen the fake email mentioned on some sites in relation to my art. I mustn't think about how many people trustingly contacted the wrong address and got either scammed or just completely misused/hoaxed by that fake asshole).

Therefore, to all my watchers and those who are ever planning to purchase art/card games/commissions/etc. or just want to get in contact with me via mail:

MY official email address is It is the ending with the .de (standing for "Deutschland", meaning Germany). If it doesn't end with the .de you can be sure that it'll be a fake one.

To the impersonator:
Fuck you. Really, fuck you.

Culpeo Fox (the actual one),
over and out.
(no trolling this time, i promise)

Gotta make a new announcement!
Quite some time ago, Brad Honeycutt (who is like...the expert on optical illusions, having published a bunch of books around that theme already) got my permission to use some art of mine in his next book; and Eureka, it is out by now!

Find my work titled Haunted in
The Art Of Deception: Illusions To Challenge The Eye And Mind:




The book features a great collection of beautiful optical illusions of all kinds from artists of all kinds.

You can order a copy from Amazon:
The Art Of Deception by Brad Honeycutt on Amazon

Be sure to stop and look through it if you happen to see it in your bookstore, there are some really awesome images in there. :)

That said, i now totally need to make a feature here.

:iconrebecca1208: was so crazy to actually model my little virus Phisi in Spore:

Spore - Culpeo-Fox's Phisi by Rebecca1208

Be sure to check out the video from the process below, because it's fucking awesome fff.



Alrigt, i think that was it. 8D

Take care and stay tuned!
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Super awesome news leaked!

The follow-up Pokémon games for Alpha Saphire and Omega Ruby are called.....
Pokémon Spade and Pokémon Clubs!

Holy shit, look at the leaked box art:
Bilder oder Fotos hochladen
Bilder oder Fotos hochladen
(apparently two new legendaries, types unknown, though i guess one is dark type while the other could be steel; there are rumours that these can also mega-evolve omg)

While Kalos was based on France in style and location, this time it's based on Victorian London, And shit, just look at the new protagonists:
Bilder oder Fotos hochladen
One is a jaunty Bohemian while the other is a snappy Plague Doctor. AMAZING.

And here, the antagonists:
Bilder oder Fotos hochladen
You have to deal with either of them, depending on the protagonist you choose, fff.

And look! An officially leaked advert video does exist, too!…

Ah man, i can't wait to get my hands on these.

.....seriously now, i'd love to play this. 8'D
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The following is a selected collection of all the examples Skia and I found on a Russian site called VK.
All of these examples are traces, replications and copies of the artworks of mine and Skia, or otherwise heavily altered, alienated, used and spread WITHOUT ANY permission. Enjoy!















(found an a Russian LJ-account with other collected stitching patterns)

And, the most recent addition: Some kind of book with traced illustrations.


....and this was only a selected collection. We have a whole folder of those and find new additions to this bizarre collection everyday and on a regular basis. We leave it to you to imagine our feelings towards it.

Therefore, a little reminder again:
We generally have nothing against it if you use our art for personal pleasures (that does NOT include commercial use!), like tattoos, bad quality prints coming from your in-house production, stitching, etc - as long as you ask us for permission first. And if you don't, then we would appreciate it if you could at least leave some credit to the original.
Now, what to do if you found our pictures on the internet and have no idea about the owner or its origin? Simply leave it the way it is, don't even think of using it.

Dear tracers. You know who you are and i won't address any of you in person. But know that we, the orginal artists know and see what you do. It's up to you. Continue what you do and you can be certain that I, Culpeo Fox, lost all my respect for you since you obviously also don't show any respect for us and our original work.

That artist again.
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Long time no entry! Awful, because theoretically, there are so many themes and topics that i prepared (for such a long time!) and that i want to talk about but as always - time is and always was quite the luxury.

Aynway, i'm tired of seeing the last journal entry, so it was time for something new.

We all (or the internet generation at least) know those advice memes. And even if you had never heard of them, you will most likely recognise them if you see one.

Long story short: I had fun in making some with (or rather, about) Lester, one of my best known canon characters. The idea behind it? A (humoristic) character study actually, derp. D8

Because if you can make fun of your character like this, debunking all his quirks, deficits and flaws, you will see how believable and real he actually is - or not. For example, are you unsure if you have created a Mary Sue? Try this, that'll show. :P

(Btw: "Brother" and "Morris" are referring to the same person; i did those between some weeks, hence the inconstancy with some words.)

Feel free to try this with your own characters and cheers! (There also is one with Morris, but that may follow in another one. :P)

PS: Oh yeah. My Deviantart story:
I'm here because le art. Duh.
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Alright, since i got about two notes of people asking me about this matter by now, i feel that this is something that should be briefly addressed.

To make it perfectly clear:
NO, i am NOT Culpeo Wolf, the person who was seen on Dr. Phil lately. I don't like wolves, i'm not a furry, i am not American.

But I am:
Culpeo Fox. The one who pretty much brought the word „Culpeo“ to the world wide web (aside from Wikipedia, that is) since most people had no idea this was an actual fox species back then, prompting dozens to actually ask me whether this word/name was made up by myself.

All these others: Culpeo Wolf, Culpeo Rat, TheDarkCulpeo, CulpeoFox1, CulpeoFoxElizabeth and whatever else their names are came after me. I would lie if said that it doesn't irk me in a way. No, i didn't patent the word „Culpeo“, for it is an actual species of fox, as mentioned above and people will choose their names how they feel. And yet...whenever i see another „Culpeo“ popping up, it feels like someone stole my identity. Dr. Phil actually is the best example for that. People see this Culpeo Wolf person and might search for „Culpeo“ via Google. Tadaa, the majority of picture results are MINE and God knows that there are enough people who would stop their research right here, believing things that aren't true, mixing up the both of us. Now, it's up to you to combine. Do you see the issue that's irking me there?

The thing with people taking over my name is something that bothers me for quite a while now, all the more since i see them popping up everyhwere lately. Search for Culpeo Fox on Facebook for example and you will find a bunch of different persons with that name, some of them even claiming to be me. What the flying Hia. I just don't understand this sentiment behind it at all.

Anyway. Therefore, here a little overview of my internet presence. I am on:
Deviantart (Main Account)
Deviantart (Taxidermy Account, hosted with Skia)
Livejournal (Main Account)
Livejournal (Fox Book Account)

This is all me and this is the real me. All the other "Culpeos" you might find, may it be on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever else, aren't.

I'm sorry for this kinda weird journal entry, but i really felt the urge to clarify that.

Best wishes,
Culpeo, the original (and i know how haughty this might appear right now, but seriously - please try to understand my point of view here.)
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Well, it's not Springsteen Day today but another special day in my life and this would be the very birthday of....:iconskia:!
Nighteye and Mirror, Shadow and Sparrowmousie, this and that and so much more. Go to her site and give her love like....NOW.

Wishing you all the best and even more and instead of loosing too many stuttered words (since I fail at such things) i rather give you this:

Advise: watch it real quick before fucking GEMA strikes. 8D
ALso, it's not a superior super duper delicious animation-thingie but more like a...picture-by-picture-thingie. So don't expect too much. (and yeah, i actually managed it to fuck up the credits at the ending. The song's called "Surprise Surprise", not just "Surprise". Shameful.)
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Just a little announcement for you guys. :)

Last year i worked together with Manasi Subramaniam from Karadi Tales on an illustrated Children's Book version of the well-known fable tale The Fox And The Crow.

For those who don't know the story here's a very bief summary:
A Crow steals a piece of bread (it's a Jean Valjean-bird 8D ) from a bakery but comes across a cunning Fox before he can eat it. Fox takes a fancy to the bread and thus comes up with a simple plan to get it out of Crow...

Some details:
28 pages, for readers of age 4 and up, the language is English.
It will be published in March 18, 2014 but you can pre-order it already on Amazon:

Pre-order/Buy The Fox And The Crow On Amazon

Nothing more left to say but looking forward to hear your opinions about it and as always: thank you for the support. :) Also a big thank you to Manasi for the business and great cooperation - it was wonderful to work with you.

Best wishes,
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(How to make your movie villain more badass?
Easy. Make him German. 8D)

You probably know this situation: You need to do serious stuff, work on very important things, or simply get your shit done. Then you turn on the scourge for mankind a.k.a the Internet because you're a master of procrastination and want to look up something. Just for a moment.
After reading a Wikipedia article about sharks, two hours later you end up with a site about how to build bombs. Or watching cute animal videos. Most likely both.
With me, it were neither sneezing pandas nor bombs but Disney songs on Youtube. From time to time i just feel the urge to cherish some good old childhood nostalgia again and what would be better for that than watching openings of the old tv-shows you loved or the ever popular songs from Disney, Dreamworks and friends? Disney songs in particular are perfect for that.
After a while and because i mostly see the links on the right, i continue with Disney songs sung in other languages for shits and giggles. Top comments from Non-Germans on German Versions?

- Ugh, just listen how aggressive it sounds
- Whoah, in German even the most light-hearted song sounds harsh
- Lol, German, HEIL HITLER, lololol!
- Etc.

And you will always find at least one of these under every German Disney Song since the „everything's German harsh and angry"-saying is one of the most popular prejudices about good old Germany...well...besides the infamous Nazicrap of course (though, i need to acknowledge, i also found some really awesome comments as well; people especially seem to love the German version of The Prince Of Egypts "The Plague". Agreed!).
Instead of being insulted i always rather find these surprisingly amusing and interesting because it reflects so perfectly how many (in fact, teenage!) people still stick to this kind of stereotypes. And Germany – without a doubt thanks to her history – seems to be one of the most favoured countries when it comes to those clichés. After reading through these comments on Youtube i felt kind of inspired to look around and collect even more of these; i recalled the true stories that i, being German myself, experienced with Non-German people (many of them Americans) and their views – and the list that resulted is quite impressive. And since most of my watchers here are not from Germany but all over the world i thought it might be interesting to some of you if i'd give you a few insiders regarding these and talk a little about them.

(Keep in mind, though, that i rather speak about the average and for myself than for a whole nation and thus draw upon my own experiences)

And how to begin it better than with one of the most common stereotypes about Germans that i already mentioned in the preface:

„The German language is a throated snake language. Germans always sound harsh, angry and ugly"
Wrong. Definitely. Wrong.
Now while i absolutely disagree with that (and i may also explain later why) i still do see where this stereotype is coming from and the reasons of its persistence.
One thing, i believe, is the spelling of grouped consonants like the guttural ch-sounds in the German language – a very common sound that reminds you of a hissing snake or cat and which frankly is quite feared among native English speakers who try to learn German and i suppose that this unusual pronouncation of ch, st, pf, sp, etc.  is what makes German sound kind of harsh and clipped in comparison to the English language which has indeed a much more mellow, gliding feel.

The other thing is only my very own theory but also the crucial one: Usually, kids get their first contact of the world beyond their own country in school when learning a little about Geography and History – and when it comes to German History we all know what part takes the biggest cake – Adolf Hitler and his attempt to fuck things up with WW2. I think i don't have to mention that he was a majorfuck of a megalomaniac moron – because there is so much footage of his speeches that all reflect his insanity: He yells, snarls, croaks, forcefully rolls every R and gnarls in a way that it is impossible not to shudder while listening. And why, yes, the words he's shouting just happen to be German. With such a (first) impression it is no surprise that many kids and people in general get the idea that the German language is indeed frightening.
Fact is, though: NO normal German talks the way Hitler does. No one (Hitler's way of babbling actually is so diverge from the norm and unique in its own morbid way that every German can tell for instance that it's him when someone impersonates his talking style). My belief is that Hitler and his speech impressions are partly responsible for this notion that Germans yell every word they say and snarl all the way through, which is not true.

Look at this video for example:

I totally shit my pants everytime i see it because it plays so ridiculously awesome with stereotypes that you just have to laugh for the shits and giggles. On the other hand you should keep in mind, though, that this is exactly what it is: Stereotypes over the top in every way and nothing else. The German guy is the only one who intentionally exaggerates his spelling compared to the others – no wonder that the German words (which are different enough from the other examples) sound awfully aggressive. Now, take one of the other words like Aeroplane or Sorpresa and don't say them in a normal manner, but YELL them out instead and empathise every character just as the German bloke – it will sound just as harsh and aggressive. („AERROPPLANE!" D8<)

As said above i can see that German has indeed some characteristics that makes it less mellow than the English language for example – but the truth is that there really is nothing aggressive or harsh about it. At all.
It can be pretty intimidating for sure when you decide to verbally keelhaul some poor bitch but actually, you would be surprised of how gentle and melodic it can be; there is nothing comparable to a man who realises that he lost his heart to someone and tenderly whispers a soft-spoken „Ich liebe dich" in all devotion and honesty. Don't believe me? Check out the German dubbed version of Oldboy or The Prestige for example: Both movies are a journey through the German language with all its shades of different and genuine emotions just expressed by spoken words. It is spoken Method Acting, really.

Now...there still is another thing that is related but surprises me. In contrary to all this hate about the German language that you usually see on the Internet i also spy a most curious beginning „trend" for German in recent times and i catch that on Deviantart in particular. Kids coming from all over the world who (similar to several annoying Animukids) sprinkle fragments of German in their comments, on their profile and whatever elsewhere. And i do wonder why; not in an offensive, haughty way but out of genuine curiosity. So many people apparently hate German so....where the heck is this coming from now? Is this a thing that derives from an honest fascination for the German language or do you use it just because it seems cool and badass to you? (if so, i might just let you know that Google Translator doesn't give a shit about any correct grammar; sometimes so bad that the translated stuff gets just unreadable for native speakers and German is a special pain in the ass when it comes to grammar - what kills a lot of the seriousness you may try to convey. Use Google Translator to translate a thing you don't know or to get a feeling about the content and sense of a foreign-language phrase. NEVER use it for the sake of copy-pasting it later somewhere because it seems hip or to pretend something. Doing it for fun? No problem with that! Doing it because you want to pretend that you actually do speak it? I'll laugh at you.
Don't get me wrong: If you are truly fascinated and really want to learn a language – i find that awesome and i'm totally behind that. But don't fucking use Google Translator for everything – get some books and dictionaries, learn about the correct grammar first, take courses of the language you want to learn. Because only then you will be taken serious and not like some wannabe weeaboo-kawaii desu baka bla.

„Germans are cold"
In the past there was a period when i spent some time of my life in Putney, England. Besides loving London by nature i will never forget how frigging nice and courteous those people were. There were complete strangers who would lead me the whole way to the Hotel after i only asked for a brief direction, people saying sorry when i was the one who bumped into them, shopkeepers who'd just talk with me about nonsense in a total loveable manner („Oh, you're from Germany? I do talk a little German, watch this: Hallo, uh...wie geht's?"...fricking ADORABLE!) and bus drivers who'd greet me and seemed so happy about everything.

….Total culture shock. 8D

If you compare German nature to those of British or Americans for example you could indeed argue that this is true – we Germans are not instant best friends forever with every random person we meet. We even can be neighbours for years and still remain total strangers to each other. And although every bus or train has double seats, you will notice that if Germans have to choose between an empty double seat and a double seat where one seat is taken already they will choose the full empty one (and i say „we" here since i not only experience that with other Germans a lot but because i also am totally just like that). Bus drivers in my hometown are the complete opposite of the happy-joy-ones that i met in England – total Grinches who don't give a shit about you and won't greet if you don't. The average German will avoid smalltalk if he can and only talk to strangers when he is directly addressed or somewhat involved and even then, he may be polite but still very aloof.

BUT i would also say that cold is not the right word for this. Instead of „cold" I'd rather say that Germans are much more reserved than others.

While it is true that we are warily polite instead of openly friendly and don't make friends so easily – if we make friends with someone, that certain someone can be sure that the trust is genuine and that we really mean it when we open ourselves. And without justifying anything i have to admit that i prefer an honest sympathy and trust much more than some random everyday friendliness that might be just fake and a mask according to expectation. We rather have a small number of really close friends we can rely on than being best buddies with every face that might cross our way.
So don't be disappointed or feel bad when a direct question like „Wanna be friends?" causes a German to backtrack first. Because it doesn't work that way. With Germans, friendship is something that has to grow and trust must be earned (keep in mind, though: I am talking about the average here. Speaking of reserve and healthy suspicion I for myself totally fit that category of what you may call a typical German but it always takes all sorts to make the world and therefore it is absolutely possible to come across a German who might be more „American" in such manners)

„Germans love Sauerkraut, Sausages and Beer"
Another popular prejudice, hence the word „Kraut".
About Sauerkraut: I hate it. Hate it hate it hate it HATE it. I can't eat it, it is impossible; and if i try it actually causes nausea – this is how much i can't stand it (though, i might be biased here since this is what i feel about most vegetables. I may sound like a stubborn child here but I can't help it. I'd really love to like vegetables but i simply can't stomach it. If you'd force me to eat a dish of asparagus, Sauerkraut and tomatoes OR a living worm – i'd take the worm). Therefore i find the term „Kraut" especially offensive (i don't eat that, come on! D8< calling me „Spaghetti" would be more accurate) – if you really feel the urge to call me something related on my German heritage use „Jerry" instead. Sounds better. Because i associate it with Seinfeld. 8)

That is only me, though. What about other Germans?

While i find many older generations genuinely liking and eating Sauerkraut (a relative is such an example; 70 years old and loving „Sauerkraut und Bregenwurst" to the core.) i experience that most younger generations prefer the sort of food that is worshiped by everyone else on Tumblr: Pizza, McDonalds, Chips, Pommes, Noodles and cohorts. And if i ask those about Sauerkraut, the answer generally resembles my own: They'd eat it but i never heard that they'd love it.
So, to clear things up: Yes, Sauerkraut is a national dish but among younger generations it lost a lot of its popularity and is kind of outdated nowadays.

Sausages: Yeah, we like them (with the exception of vegans and vegetarians, i'd say). But honestly, i never noticed that Germans would eat more sausages than others. Kinda passed me.

Beer: It's true for most people i think. I love it (there actually exists some footage of me as a baby drinking it and i even seemed to be pretty yearning for it – not sure if that is such a good thing, though, ehem) and most Germans i know do so as well. Heck, i do have relatives whose job actually was brewing beer. So, with saying that the average German likes beer you're probably on the safe side.

„Germans wear Lederhosen"
[Atticus Finch voice] Do you really think so?
The answer is no – we absolutely don't (the only „Lederhose" that i own is a black leathered thing that is more towards...."Hardrock/Metal Style" - and i only wear that one when i want to feel especially cool). Lederhosen is a Bavarian thing (and Bavaria is, as you hopefully all know, just a small part of Germany) - and even there it is rather worn on special occasions. You have no idea about the amount of embarrasment you'd have to go through if you'd come to another part of Germany and decide to wear Lederhosen. People would actually look at you like some kind of tourist attraction. 8D
Germans run around like everyone else, it is as boring as that. But even though we definitely do not wear Lederhosen, speaking of Bavaria it remained indeed a sign of regional pride and i guess it can be compared to the Scottish Kilt.

„Germans are crazy about the English language"
Yes, we are. And we are to such an extent that it appears almost sick, prompting some people to ironically call our language „Denglisch" (Deutsch (German) + English). 98% of all adverts do have at least ONE English word somewhere and it is said that native English speakers who travel to Germany would have no problem whatsoever to actually understand what's going on on adverts and the like.
The feelings about that are quite controversal. There are purists who damn the amount of English we use in the German language and predict its downfall. Others argue it would be just a sign of trend and zeitgeist – using anglicisms to be a cut above, like French or Latin used to be in past times. And there are even more arguments.
As for myself i seem to be stuck between all of these. I also find many anglicisms unnerving, especially when there already exists a  German word for it which works just as fine and the English one obviously is only used to sound hip.
On the other hand i believe that language is something that is constantly changing. Take the word „gay" for example. There were times when it actually meant nothing but „happy" or „joyful" (and it still appeared with that meaning in songs from West Side Story or Disney's Three Caballeros; keep in mind that these came out only about 50 years ago) – today, it's meaning changed into „homosexual". We're living in a time that is dominated by the Internet, we're globally connected like never before and just like technology, language also changes and evolves. It always did and i don't think that there's anything wrong about that (although i must admit that i'm a sucker for the stiff way of talking from the 19th century. Just had so much more style. Anyway, it makes you wonder how people might think about textspeak, „lol", „yolo", „swag" and all that jazz in 100 years.)

„Germans can't and won't speak English for the love of God"
This might appear a little contrary to the upper prejudice but actually is something that i myself witnessed many times whenever i spent my holidays in foreign land and would come across fellow countrymen. You know, this special kind of old fat geezers who wouldn't even try to speak English (or whatever language is spoken) but insist on their wishes in German and expect to be understood – because „Funununu, i'm doing my holidays here, i'm guest and king in your land, so obey, bitches". A relative is such an example of that kind and i could slap his face whenever he does that and acts like a douche because he is too lazy to learn at least a bit of English to get around a little better.
Anyway – while these unnerving individuals sure do exist it thankfully is just the minority. A good deal of Germans are in fact quite fluent in English, since it is a major subject in all schools right from the start (nowadays, being multilingual actually is obligation here. Getting a decent job and speaking only one language? Forget about it.)
Another reason for this prejudice also might be the thick German accent some of us may have when trying English (i had an English teacher who was a particular bad case. Dear God, Klaus from American Dad sounds like an all perfect american angel compared to that dude's fat accent). An english talking German sounds funny for sure but which accent doesn't? Making fun of a German individual who can't properly say „squirrel"? Try saying „Eichhörnchen" for a change and then we can continue talking.

„Germans are punctual"
Yes, we are. There is a popular saying in German that goes somewhat  like „better one hour too early than one minute too late" - and it's true. If you're on a date or meeting with Germans, you better make sure to be there just in time (some of the worst things one can do to me actually is standing me up without calling me, noting me or letting me know otherwise. I simply hate it to wait for someone who's late on a fixed date. I'm VERY German and zero Thai when it comes to that). One of the many reasons why we hate our train system called „Deutsche Bahn" (for which – despite being German - punctuality ironically seems to be a word of foreign origin).
But it's not only the time. We are punctual in any other situation. The average German loves to structure his day, making plans, To-Do-Lists and sticks to even the smallest of rules (and even though i for myself can be quite the lazy ass whose discipline fails epically once in a while, i actually am a sucker for planning my days, making lists and striking those events out again which are done). Oh and yeah, the friggin' bureaucracy, of course. Germans are fucking crazy when it comes to bureaucracy. You would not believe how EVERY little shite needs a motion here. Whatever it is, it has to be on some piece of paper - what can be especially annoying at times.
Do you remember The Twelve Tasks Of Asterix", finding Permit A38?


This, THIS was the most perfect depiction of gErMan bUreAucrACY, EVER! >8[[[

„Germans are Nazis"
And here we have the Number 1 cliché. The Nazi-cliché. It's so stale that I actually had problems to believe that there are still people out there who could really think that way and seriously stand behind this belief until i made certain experiences that appear especially absurd if not even alarming to me.
I once got a note from an American kid which went like this:
„Hey man, i love your art and such but i wonder how come you're so good and if i'm allowed to like you since you're German? My parents told me that all Germans are Nazis/evil people, all of my family think that way and i wonder now if that is true?"

Imagine my face when i read that. At first i thought it was a joke, but it wasn't. It also wasn't the only note of that kind i got, there were many more. These were actual notes from  actual American kids, written and sent not fifty years ago but in this actual time. I was even more baffled when i found out some time later that some individuals in America (i dare say rednecks?) even think that we don't have electricity and running water over here. What.

I think i don't have to go much into detail here when i say that the „All Germans are Nazis, we still love Hitler and if you're a Jew you'll get killed here"-shite is not true. Far, far away from that. National Socialism and all its philosophies are stigmatised in Germany like nowhere else in the world and this for good reason. Don't believe me that? Then try the Nazi salute in public – people won't only give you an evil eye, they will actually lock you up in prison for that in no time. It's absolutely forbidden here and the contempt for those Neonazi-idiots who still roam out there is not only tremendous but nationwide.

Germany is a thankful victim when it comes to this cliché and it most likely always will be like that (thanks to that one single douchebag in the past with great brainwashing skills who provoked WW2). I only wonder why is it that a good bunch (yet thankfully not all) of  Americans are so fast in bitching about German History when their own History happens to be just as bloody? Wiping out Native Americans for example (an enormous genocide that easily bears comparison with the Holocaust when it comes to barbarism), or how about one ever comes up with that for some reason. Just saying.

Yes, all of our forefathers made their mistakes. That doesn't mean that we would follow their footsteps.

„Germans have no national pride"
This one interfaces with the Nazi-thing in a sense. Compared to American Patriotism our „national pride" is indeed is pretty low if not to say non-existent – the only time you'll find German flags raised on private households is the World Cup season.
If you'd say something like „God Bless Germany" or „I'm proud to be German" you'd get weird looks here and as i said, it sorta lies in our past that blocks us to be all too enthusiastic about our country. Even though WW2 is over now for more than 60 years we're still very aware of it. What happened back then is nothing to be proud of, the opposite is the case and i think that Germany still didn't get away from that shame. Saying out loud you're proud to be German simply has a slight negative connotation and people just tend to be aloof. No one wants to be seen as a Nazi here.

Adding to that, i think that this also is a mere cultural difference. I don't know, but i for myself never thought that „national pride" is something that actually justifies „pride". Sure, i love my country, i love my native language and i am of course happy and sort of „proud" when i see that fellow countrymen like Beethoven, Goethe, Hans Zimmer and Christoph Waltz (though, he doesn't count really since he's Austrian :P) get their international critical acclaim, but why should i otherwise be proud to be born in a certain part of the world? It appears just as senseless to me as saying „I'm proud to be white" or something stupid like that - Blimey, I'm proud to be a world citizen, I'm proud to be an individual. That should do it.

What you WILL find, though, is regional pride! We love making fun of other regions (everyone hates Hanover for example, just as everyone in New York hates New Jersey and our East-Germans from the DDR are still called Ossis). And i? Hell yeah, I love coming from and living in Northern Germany. My city Hildesia is the best. Go, Hildesia!

„German Shepherd Dogs everywhere"
Nope. Germany is a cat nation, actually. ;) 12,3 million cats live in German households which makes the cat the Number 1 favourite pet in Germany. Dogs are only Number 2 with 7,4 million (it is especially crazy here where i live. Every third person living in our street has at least one cat). This last fact is more a fun fact but i thought you'd find this interesting since the German Shepherd Dog appears to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the States.

Anyway, that was my little journey through German stereotypes and clichés (and kudos to you if you made through the wall of text). Hopefully it was interesting to some of you (again, keep in mind that i always spoke of the average and drew from my own experiences. I never intended to lump together a whole nation, may it be the Germans, the Americans or anyone else. :))

Speaking of which – even though Germany has especially many stereotypes, other countries do so as well. What are the most annoying/common/amusing stereotypes of your country?

On a last note, i highly recommend you to check out this excellent video from Andrew Bossom a.k.a Rewboss, who also took on the German stereotypes from an English point of view (and he also addresses that "How Germans Sound To Others"-video in the most perfect way). I stumbled upon this some time after i published the original article on Deviantart back then and found it just too good not to share.

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Odd topics require odd titles.

This journal exists because the other one's getting old and i needed something to keep this interesting. Also, the amateurish journal skin i created years ago annoys me and since i'm an absolute N00b when it comes to CSS i thought it would be best to finally remove it.

The last nights i was biking through our town to do nightshift (i love doing that. Not a single soul around and you realise how quiet even the civilised parts of the world can get) and while letting my thoughts flow i was grabbed by some intense nostalgia for some reason. I remembered my childhood especially ridiculously naive i used to be back then. The way i saw the world, all the things i had to learn and understand first (the very anatomy of „sarcasm" for example).

I remembered some cases that appear especially wondrous to me nowadays when i think about it so i thought it would be funny if i share some of them.

Childhood Oddity 1:
Black and white television.


I grew up with many old movies and loved watching those. The interesting thing here is, though, that i never understood why these movies were black and white while others had colours.

So what is the conclusion naive little Culpeo came to? „The world must have been black and white back then!" No shit, i really thought the world was colourless when these movies were made and was convinced that it turned into colours somewhere later in history (people, like devious Norman Bates shown here, included). That brilliant argumentation was also strengthened by black and white photographs.

Childhood Oddity 2:


I remember a period in my early life where i seriously wracked my own brain about what actually happens with the food after you ate it (it never came to me that going to toilet has something to do with it). „We eat and eat and yet we never explode? Blimey, WHY?"

For some weird reason i started to imagine that there must be some little crablike animals living in our stomach that shrink what we eat with their claws and consume the food themselves. I have NO idea how i ever could come up with that. So apparently i was either very dumb or very creative.

Childhood Oddity 3:
Jurassic Park.


It was one of my earliest movies i ever watched and the following special memory came back to me when i saw that it will be re-realeased in cinema very soon (and i will watch it not for the 3D (couldn't care less about 3D) but for the nostalgia only. Because i dearly LOVE this film.). I remembered how amazed and awestruck i was about – what else - the dinosaurs.

Holy smokes, i couldn't believe how real they appeared. Starting from the scene where Dr. Grant and Ellie meet the Brachiosaurus i couldn't help but think of how the hell they did that (remember, back these days CGI was a very new and revolutionary thing and as a kid i of course had no idea that computers could actually do that. Much like Alan Grant, you know. I was super-suspicious when it came to computers.)

So at first, i thought they actually built a 50 feet huge Brachiosaurus. I sticked with that – until the other dinosaurs appeared. The T-rex that broke out of its fence. The Gallimimus herd. The Raptors in the kitchen (boy, i was so terrified of that scene. And yet, that very scene was responsible for my Raptor addiction which still flourishes). Dear God, they looked SO real. Therefore, i threw my earlier thought of building lifelike puppets away and was convinced that these dinosaurs were indeed: Real. I recall that i had a bunch of sleepless nights where i pondered about HOW they got and trained the living dinosaurs and if there's a zoo ( actual Jurassic Park, haha) or something where you can visit and see them – until it was shown in TV where a documentation behind the scenes followed. And suddenly, all the magic of film-making was exposed.

I know that people or kids today who saw Jurassic Park in more recent times would just laugh at me, pointing out how outdated the Jurassic Park-technique is by now. But gosh, i was a kid and i will never forget my obsession and fascination. Have you seen Scorsese's adaption of Hugo (which is wonderful, by the way) and the depiction of that popular happening where people saw a movie for the first time (a simple recording of a train that quickly approaches the screen)? People screamed in fear and ducked because they thought the train would hit them. This is the exact impact the Jurassic Park dinosaurs had on me back then and i love recalling this memory.

Childhood Oddity 4:
South Park.


(the chosen picture is the perfect depiction of what will follow now).
Here comes an extra weird one. You gotta know: I love South Park. Hard. The jokes, the balance between superclever humour and superbad taste, the characters, the absurdity, - it's just a show made of poop-shaped gold and they never cease to make me laugh my ass off.

That wasn't always the case. I did not love it. You wanna know what it was instead? As a kid, i was friggin' terrified by this show. 8')

All of you know the disclaimer that is shown before each episode: White letters on a black background, saying in silence:


The thing with the last sentence is...i believed it. I believed that this was some sick tv series that they only play at night for this very reason, that it would contain something that could harm my psyche or something - in short, being something forbidden that only adults should watch, on par with pornos and splatter movie stuff (well, that's not all that far away, but seriously, i was afraid). This notion was strengthened as soon as i would watch the mere opening: Weird paper cut animation style, a super wacky was just disturbing.

It's kinda weird now to go back and think about it. But still, it is a certain memory that'll always stick with my mind whenever i think about South Park, for whatever weird reason. 8')

This should be it by now from me and i hope you are entertained („Are you not entertained?!"). And since i know i CAN NOT be the only one – it is your turn now.
Do you have similar childhood oddities, one of these naive views of the world or experience that kind of embarrasses or simply make you laugh today?
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Since my journal needs an update i thought hey, why not posting this here, too. This is an art site after all and should be interesting to you as well.

I am someone who might be called a "cineaste" - because it's true. I friggin' LOVE movies. I love watching them, collecting them, doing research, listening to audio commentaries and learning about the backgrounds. And i always had a soft spot for animated motion pictures. Still do. Disney is awesome, so is Dreamworks and the not so wellknown ones.

Lately i went through my DVD-Collection once more and...i just realised again how MUCH i despise the awful covers that go along with most of the animated movie DVD releases. Especially when i recall the original theatrical posters - which are all (design wise) of sheer BRILLIANCE, full of power and emotion and actually dignify the movie's content. Not to be compared with the cheap DVD covers. Little comparison for you to see what i mean - because i felt like doing one.

movie poster comparison

(if you can't see it in fullsize, open it in a new tab when you're on the Scrapbook page or download it)

Note: The DVD Covers i featured here are the newest copies (because the newest are among the worst) and i gladly own some of the older copies (like Titan A.E. or Nimh where they more decent (although still bad) DVD cover artworks)

I really wish people would just keep the awesome posters as covers and don't design some shitty new ones - how great would that be for the collector nerds of us. Okay, yes, i KNOW why they do it: Animated movies, they are, so children are the main target - and most children want cheerful, colourful, happywappy cutesywootsie covers, end of story - i see that, i see that. But still....aaaarh. I want to cry whenever i look at the Prince Egypt DVD (which doesn't represnet the excellent movie AT ALL) and compare it to that EPIC theatrical poster they had back then. Hrsn. Or why can't they publish a special collector's edition with awesome theatrical posters only?

Funny though - unlike the DVDs most Soundtrack covers still feature the theatrical movie posters. Which is awesome but still....can someone explain WHY? Because it makes no sense.

(and DAMN, i need to design a new Journal Skin. Because this one makes no sense as well.)
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Culpeorous Street Art

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 4:08 AM
Something completely different now.
Inspired by Banksy.

bane DSC00374

vendetta boobies joker

fox stairs

Hurrhurr. Street Art is,


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Crippled Greetings

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2012, 5:15 AM
Had a nasty accident with my bike yesterday, result: Bone fracture, left arm is in plaster now. Wohoo. (it isn't my drawing arm, at least.)

Still, i will need some time to recover, so please have patience with me regarding note replies, commissions and Co. Thank you. :)

Oh, and on a brighter note:
While i got my first bone broken Gary Oldman got his first Academy Award nomination! Congrats, it really was about time.

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Russian Designer tracing my Artwork

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 12, 2011, 1:05 AM

Little kiddies on Deviantart tracing or reposting my artwork and claiming it as their own don't bother me that much. I mean, sure:  It's annoying but the only thing it takes is talking to them and if they're too dumb stubborn to see the reason, i simply report their shit and everything's cool again.

Now, my dear folks, i present you one of those serious cases that is able to make me go apeshit.

A brilliant person showed me the following:

Some professional russian designer, who apparently and professionally traced my artwork and sold it as his/her own design. Way to go.

You can imagine how angry i am. I will try to get some more infos/better quality photos from the person who sent this to me.
If YOU know anything about this designer or company or whatever this is that could help getting rid of this shit, please, tell me. Any kind of help will be much appreciated.

Oh, and another shit i came across lately: Some person selling products of my artwork (the irony wants it to be the SAME problemcomic of mine, "Want some Fun?" --->…

Is there a way to contact that person? I'm not that used to Zazzle.

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