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Remember that one? -->

:P there you go with the xenomorph baby (who is a much cooler playmate!)

Xenomorph (c) ridley Scott, Giger and all those other guys who came up with that ALIEN-stuff/20th century Fox
Sin, Ninko (c) :iconculpeo-fox:
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Woah, didn't see the first comic so, I didn't see that coming XD

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I feel sad for the fox cub because their father is dead, and but I find the whole situation funny.

dominiPOL's avatar
At first i didnt understand, then i realized.
zanyboi969's avatar
Hi sisters
Wolfsong8220's avatar
Sorry for your loss
But cute sister!
Jammikkar's avatar
One life end.

Another begins.
Wolfsong8220's avatar
True so true. :3
Umbe0n's avatar
The foxys are soo cutee!!
Eta-Carinae1777's avatar
Actually watching this movie as I type this. :)
Jammikkar's avatar
Eta-Carinae1777's avatar
First one I think it was
Insiris's avatar
Well then...
Big-bad-Rocket's avatar
Sad, funny and adorable. You my friend are a genius.
Abyss-Of-Pain's avatar
Hahahaha that's sad and funny XD hope the bro doesn't play rude XD
toxiccat112's avatar
i can take in the kids.if it's ok.
The-Fox-Experiment's avatar
Hi, sister, im hungry, bye sister :D
JNerd300's avatar
That's kinda scary somewhat cute but scary
BennoBrehm's avatar
Ohh...! Coooool Giggle 
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