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The secret way

By Culpeo-Fox
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"But....wait....what will i find on the other side?"
- "Well, only you will know. Just go ahead and find it out, my friend."

kinda kitschy XD but nevermind, it´s surreal anyway :P

i dedicate this picture to the great surrealists like dali, etc. and to all globetrotters and travellers - because its just awesome to see and discover new places :)
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ideenreich und kreativ und scheinbar viel Zeit zum zeichnen. Wieviel Zeit benötigst du für derartige Zeichnungen?
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Das ist von Bild zu Bild verschieden, ganz abhängig von Stil, Technik, Motiv, etc. Von 10 Minuten bis 10 Tagen ist eigentlich alles drin.
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This is beautiful! I have a real passion for art and this... this is just wonderful, very unique. :-)
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...ich hab dich dafür SO gehasst. D8<
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Aber Schotz. D8< Ja, was war ich damals stolz auf das Ding und ich mag das Konzept wohl immer noch, aber wenn ich heute draufschau...

Schmierschmierschmier! Naives eO-Fxx-Geschmiere! Signatur FETT draufklatsch! "Hm, da muss noch ein fancy Rahmen hinzu!" Alles auf einer Ebene! Und diese FELSEN da hinten, ey shice. XD "Lol, isch mach mal eben ein paar schwarze Kleckse, schmeiß es durch den Gauscher und tadaa, geil!" (aber die Sonne. DIE mag ich noch. Da hatte ich gerade Abwedler und Nachbelcihter entdeckt, die Favourite-Tools schlechthin damals)

Ich muss das mal ganz dringend rebooten oder so. Gibt noch so einiges, was mal ein Remake benötigen würde.
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Die Sonne find ich ein bisschen hell für Abenddämmerung.


Nix naives Geschmiere. Tolle Idee, schöne Ausdrücke, und am wichtigsten: HERZ UND SEELE.

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D8> aberaberaber! Die Sonne war doch das einzige, was ich-

...*in eine dunkle Ecke geh* So, ich mal mir dann mal schwarze Tränen mit Kajal ins Gesicht und schreibe Gedichte über Tod und Schmerz.


Und ich mach's trotzdem nochmal neu. 8D
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Couldn't help but catch this in your favourites...such a nostalgic feeling...these new fox artists to me at the time.
This is amazing! I love your art style and the expression and story you put in all your drawings. You are a real inspiration, thank you ! One day i believe (hope) to produce art like yours ... one day! :-)
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That's just cheating!
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why are you so awesome?! i love your art sooo much :love:
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This strikes me as a very "trickster"-style scene. I absolutely adore it!
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What was in my drink....
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This is just too good for words, as onebehindthemonitor said, the impossibility of what's happening makes me want to look at this for a long time. It's breath taking. :)
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Au made my Day *ROFL*
Wie kommt man nur auf solche Ideen?

It's Cool man :-)
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Now that's a short cut.
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ha! nice! i love ur art dude! its so great. i use alot of ur work as backgrounds on my desktop. its kool i get alot of good comments on them. keep it up dude. ;3
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this is probably my favorite of all your peices. the colors are awesome, the expressions on their faces convey so much, and the shear impossibility of what's going on make me want to stare at it for hours.

those clouds are just awesome. wispy and colorful, and they look like they are moveing violently, streaking across the sky.

if i ever get around to makeing any of my games, would you draw up skies like these that i could use for a skybox? they are so awesome. and they would be much better than anything i can draw, or could photograph...
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Bending reality: the best power you can have
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:O That's cheating!
xD love the idea, and the piece itself is gorgeous.
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What a beautiful and creative idea!
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