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Published: August 1, 2009
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alopekos teumesios. the giant beast, the teumessian vixen who was destined never to be caught.

laelaps, the dog who never failed to catch what he was hunting.

it was a hunt that was doomed to be everlasting - until zeus turned both into stone to put an end to that.

A3, done with coffee, water colours, charcoal and coloured pencils.
still have to reply many notes - sorry, i will do so soon.
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Comments (87)
Teumesios's avatar
Teumesios|Student Artist
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leonafox's avatar
this is amazing i want a tattoo kinda like this
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HonmaMeikoSan's avatar
Reminds me of that one yugioh card,polymerization. Anyone else?
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emilyfoxhsa's avatar
i realise this is probably very old, so i hope you might see this comment.
I live in England, And I am a hunt saboteur- we stop hunts from killing the foxes, amongst other animals I suppose.
But our main focus is on foxes...
Would you be interested in doing a few more hunt related themes, I've painted a few in my time and it's a satisfying contrast. The hunted, the prey, the inbetween.
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PsFox's avatar
PsFox|Student Traditional Artist
My favorite myth of er, mythology. The whirl-pool twisty thingy of swirls (what's it called again?) is the first thing I look at after Teumessian and Laelaps, and, of course, I took my pointy finger and followeed the swirl like the random gal I am. It was too tempting...
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BigBuffRex's avatar
BigBuffRex|Student General Artist paint with coffee!?.....ive never thought of that, ive used walnut dye but that stuff is super dark and smells bad (sorta)......ive heard of people painting with blood....but i dont know how you would get any....and ive made paint out of clay before, and it takes a while to get it just right....ill have to try coffee sometime.....hey....youve given me inspiration.....know ill have to repay you 8D
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BigBuffRex's avatar
BigBuffRex|Student General Artist
crap....typo -_-....*now ill have to repay you
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Doodlebug-love's avatar
Reminds me very much of Watership Down and the 'prince with a thousand enemies'
: ] but in a good way of course
that and this one bit from Bambi: a life in the woods (original novel the disney movie was based on, very dark, very sad, but good read : ]) in which there is this fox being chased by a huntsman's hound and then this dialogue goes on about how the fox and hound are brothers and how the hound is a traitor...except well...the fox ends up in the hounds jaws ^^'''
But yeah good stuff : D
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Aora-Li's avatar
Aora-Li|Hobbyist General Artist
coffee? Really? o.O Interesting...
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pr-Spira's avatar
was just looking through your gallery and i do realy love your foxes. i noticed the cards have you ever considered makeing a tarot set? this one certainly reminds me of a tarot card. xx
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wolfy-13's avatar
wolfy-13|Student Digital Artist
waaaaaaaa! your drawing it's very beautiful
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wolfkaje's avatar
I absolutely love the fox in this piece, he is stunning.The textures and colors throughout the entire thing are lovely. Good job!
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0Demonic-Angel0's avatar
I like the concept of it :D
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Manyura-the-Manyula's avatar
Nyehehe... that is some seriously cool stuff... nice work, and the way you kept the pupils out made them seem to be spiritual beings...
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PraiseCastiel's avatar
PraiseCastiel|Student General Artist
wow absolutely wonderful! :love: and what an awesome use of coffee! :giggle: brilliant! ;)
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thirteenth-Capricorn's avatar
thirteenth-Capricorn|Student General Artist
lol because turning people to stone solves everything XD

seriously nice work, man. I love how you did the swirls.
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azurespiritwolf's avatar
omg laelaps and the teumessian XD one of my favs in greek mythology XD
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Blodfald's avatar
Blodfald|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love their faces.
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GuardianKitsune's avatar
I love that story! But those situations make me think a lot until I get a headache... XD
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GirtasticSpaz's avatar
This is beautiful- it reminds me of a recurring dream I keep having about a fox and a dog. Only they have a relationship of tolerance- i wouldn't say they like one another, but they coexist.

This looks exactly like they do in my dreams. Thank you for this.
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the-pink-doughnut's avatar
awesome work ^^
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BlackFoxFollower's avatar
BlackFoxFollower| Traditional Artist
I want that fox as a tattoo, like now. That would be perfect on my ankle.
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Phoenixoncloudnine's avatar
This is incredible. That's possibly my favourite Greek myth, and the stunningness of it (Is that a word?) is just amazing. I love the middle bit, the way it's almost expanding out to envelope them into the stars. And the border. Wow. At first glance I thought it was a sort of medieval tapestry, and in some way that makes the myth come to life more, if you get my meaning lol.
Your work is really inspiring. I love it :)
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Anatoliba's avatar
Cool, was aus der griechischen Mythologie! Die Story kannte ich noch gar nicht.

Wunderschön umgesetzt wie immer! Du kannst so toll mit Aquarell umgehen (und Kaffee). :-)
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