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Tentacled Snake
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Erpeton tentaculum.

Another example of the many rather freakish snakes that Thailand houses is the aptly named Tentacled Snake, with its give-away feature of a twin pair of "tentacles" attached to its snout. For the longest of time, no one could say for sure what these tentacles were for, but latest studies may suggest them to be highly mechanosensory detectors for sensing prey in murky water. Another fascinating feature is the way it hunts its main prey: Triggering the Mauthner Neuron of fish which reacts to pressure waves (which, in fish, causes a reflex to quickly move away), the snake basically fools its prey, leading it right into its mouth. Being rear-fangend, it possesses a mild venom that humans don't have to fear - the same can't be said for fish, though.

See it's sneaky hunting strategy in action here:…

Personal anecdote: Years back at a local snake farm in Thailand, the snake keepers were so impressed by my enthusiasm and absolute lack of fear regarding snakes (i was a little kid back then and most kids would do after their parents and naturally go all "eewww!" when exposed to these things) that one of them would lead me to a water jar, grab a pair of these Tentacled Snakes and put them right into my hand. I was so in love that i'd keep them for God knows how long. The snake keeper wanted to give them to me as a present, "take them!" And i so would have done that - if it wasn't for my mother. Who said NO.

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VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
VesaiasTheValiant|Student General Artist
For a while I thought I've seen everything about snakes. ^^; But this fellow really takes the cake! :dance::cake:
Those "tentacles" on its snout are an absolutely fantastic and unique feature. :nod:
Splendid work as always, fellow deviant! :clap: 

This deviation is totally :+fav:'d, not just because I found a brand new favourite species of snakes, but also
because I can relate to your personal experience. My mother also used to detest the idea of me bringing snakes
in our home, even flipping toy snakes that are made of rubber and designed to look like their real-life counterparts. :XD:

But anyway, thumbs up for illustrating the amazing Tentacled Snake! :thumbsup::D
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D-Rock92's avatar
D-Rock92|Hobbyist General Artist
This is a new one to me!
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Cnemi's avatar
CnemiEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really enjoy seeing your art in my notifications: it's always attractive, some of it is funny (sneeple!) and some of it teaches me new things (like this series of snakes!).  Although I'm familiar with the snakes native to my area, this series continues to astound me with the variety of amazing serpents around the world, too.  So thank you for this lovely work, I really appreciate being able to see it.

On a related note, I recently read about a new subspecies of sea snake discovered off Costa Rica, and I thought you might also be interested to learn about the snake, if you hadn't already heard about it.  Sort of return the favor for all the awesome snakes this series of snake drawings has introduced me to!  An English article about it is here:…, and I apologize if English is not your native language (I don't know offhand), in which case you might find an article in whatever language you prefer to read in by just searching the name of the snake, Hydrophis platurus xanthos.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your art, and I look forward to seeing your future creations. ;)
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DRamos97's avatar
DRamos97|Hobbyist General Artist
It has whiskers! Can they be booped?
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ariieve's avatar
ariieve|Hobbyist General Artist
very cool species that i actually hadnt heard of before!
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Daniloolinad's avatar
Daniloolinad|Hobbyist General Artist
OMG, that snake have a moustache?
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bruudwin's avatar
awwww your childhood snake story!  after seeing this snake nose fuzzys it reminded me of catfish. or eels. any other low lying critter with similiar electro sensory type things.  that was a neat youtube video. thanks for the sharing of everything on this post!
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Harleydane's avatar
Harleydane|Hobbyist General Artist
I adore this species of snake! I saw them in person for the first time at Chester Zoo and they are so fascinating to watch in the water Love Gorgeous painting!! 
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SwitchetO's avatar
SwitchetO|Hobbyist General Artist
That's hilarious they hip check fish into their mouths lol
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Ravenroseserpent's avatar
Ravenroseserpent|Student General Artist
Wow never heard of or seen this snake before and it sounds awesome love learning about new animals 
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JamJams's avatar
JamJams|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Incredible detailing work.
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M5Transmissions's avatar
M5Transmissions|Student General Artist
Those snake trivias are quite interesting.
Thanks for sharing!
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5hadowBeast's avatar
Oooh so awsome, I never thought you would consider this snake, for me they looks very cute with their tentacles..."moustache". Looks just great like all the other ones you've done, really good work ~
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DarkstripeShadowpaw's avatar
All of these snake "windows" are very impressive indeed.
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One of the coolest hunting tactics in nature.

This is probably the snake that comes closest to hypnotizing its prey
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Leonca's avatar
Leonca|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! Just when you thought you had seen all of nature's designs for something as simple as a snake... =p
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CMKSSC's avatar
CMKSSC|Hobbyist General Artist
Lol it's too bad mothers don't let you keep pets like snakes or spiders or baby rats~ Even if proven safe haha
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MabelGleeful01's avatar
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HangedFlag's avatar
HangedFlag|Professional General Artist
mustache snake
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CMKSSC's avatar
CMKSSC|Hobbyist General Artist
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KitsuneTerra's avatar
KitsuneTerra|Student General Artist
that's so interesting >w< 
i like hunting the snakes around my area just to hold them, but i have to be careful since they're all wild xD
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