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Tatoo Foxes

second class tatoo foxes/tribal foxes. :P

sorry for being somewhat inactive lately, i´m currently working on a dozen projects x.x (with gneffer and whisper being part of one... ;) kukuku!)

whisper (c) :iconskia:
gneffer yagunna, design and art (c) :iconculpeo-fox:
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yours are sp much better then mine! your amazing
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love the designs 
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Off to the Tatoo Artist i go ^_^ Me get a foxy Tatoo <3
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Hi! Hope you don't mind, I used your beautiful idea as a reference while drawing a fox here:
It's not exactly the same, but close to it. I linked you in credits anyway. :flame: remake 
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Wow.  These are very good.  Hope to see more sometime in the future.

I would totally want these tatoos on my body
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I used a fox of that, just with a little mod, for me
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Awesome, i want one of them)
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may i use one of these for the back of my book Connection of Hearts
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that is so amazing i hope to gt that when i get older lol awesome
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do want this on my body <3
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I really love this <3 whats this art style called?
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I think "tribal" would be the closest to it. :)
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no one deny this
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Hey Culpeo, Can I use a one of these designs for my New ID.
Its 7 of clubs fox, I given it more body and was wondering if it was ok.
Ill upload it and credit you, I know you had some touble with art thieft before and thought it better to ask :P.
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YAY thanks :D, I cant draw... :P
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