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Published: February 13, 2013
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Character appreciation day!

Grama Tra, Volte, Cinnamon (and Panicle), Flutter, Fledder, Foureye (and what was left behind) and Whisper.
All of them came to life through :iconskia: - so if you want to find out more about them go ask her.
Some of them are fairly freely intepreted/depicted, though. Flatter, omg...tut mir leid, wenn ich sie hier mal komplett versaut habe.
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WTH Happened to that foxy lil fox cRII
Khair-Udin's avatar
The fox is scalped! :( Why so?!
catfurlife's avatar
i was wondering that to, why is the fox scalped? 
Skia's avatar
Skia General Artist
VosstheIrishGerman's avatar
The fox is a taxidermy scarf
arodote's avatar
arodoteHobbyist General Artist
yaaaay, im not the single who draws black foxes :D (im making a ,,foxy,, comic soon :P)
MamaMangle's avatar
MamaMangleProfessional General Artist
man i would wet myself to see my fox persona drawn by you *¬* ... *waves black and white tail with desire* i've always admired your work from afar, a black fox in the shadows, if you like ♥ your work just captures me ♥
SmilePuppy's avatar
SmilePuppyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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floopfloopsStudent General Artist
ohh man! how i looooove foxes!!
DonKarnage1's avatar
I like the look of the skinned fox. But I hate furs industry to will skin it alive or electrocute it to stun him so they can skin it.

Furs industry should be ban and sued for animals abuse, but since its a business its ok to make animals suffer to take their skins.
MattsyKun's avatar
MattsyKunHobbyist Digital Artist
Uh, wat? Don't believe the lies that PETA tells you.  The skinning alive thing was started by a hoax by PETA.

Think about it. Why are their pelts so pretty? Because they have to take good care of the foxes so they'll have fluffy, shiny coats. You've seen before and after pictures of malnourished dogs, right? If you don't take care of it, then it won't look good. Besides, do you have any idea how HARD it would be to skin an animal alive? A, the animal WILL fight back, and B, you'll get blood all over the fur, thus ruining it.

Not to mention that in a good majority of places (US included), the animals have to be dispatched in certain ways. None of this electrocuting crap. Many of them are humanely put down much like vets do. There are LAWS in place. Any other place that does it any other way will get shut down and/or heavily fined. (IDK about outside the US, but the same goes, probably)
DonKarnage1's avatar
I have see a raccoon dog get skinned alive on a video.

They might do that in some country, but Asia for example have no real regulation.
MattsyKun's avatar
MattsyKunHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, and that video was made by PETA. You can find multiple articles on how that video was staged.

And yes, Asia has no regulation, which is why it does occur there.
PorcelainMalice's avatar
PorcelainMaliceHobbyist General Artist
Lol.... "Laws". Really?...

Have you ever actually seen how they skin animals? I bet not, otherwise you wouldn't be talking about how PETA lies about this sort of thing. Not to mention, you dont need to be hearing this from PETA, to know how atrocious and inhumane those places are. It's kind of a... well known thing. Not because of any peta, either.

Go look those up (if you have a strong stomach, that is, otherwise I wouldnt even google any of it). Then post about how Peta lies about this sort of thing.
MattsyKun's avatar
MattsyKunHobbyist Digital Artist
Considering that I have several friends that are taxidermists, yes, I know how animals are skinned. It's a practice I'd like to take up someday if I ever get a chance to go deer hunting or trapping.

What I mean by "some" is overseas fur farms, mainly China (and not just China, other places as well). Did you ever hear about H&M discontinuing some brand or jacket because the fur farmers were literally pulling the fur out of the rabbit's fur? That's the thing that PETA is going after. Most Chinese fur farmers literally don't give a shit about the animals or their living conditions. They only care about making a profit. I know of several fur farmers who keep their foxes in excellent health and the best conditions he can. You just don't skin an animal while it's alive. PETA takes that assumption that ALL fur farms skin animals while alive, etc. and applies it to everyone as a whole, Chinese or otherwise.

Skinning is something that requires A) the animal to be dead, B) the proper tools, and C) the proper method. Otherwise, you're going to really mess up the fur in the following steps.
PorcelainMalice's avatar
PorcelainMaliceHobbyist General Artist
Look up the videos of how they do it. I dont even count the private taxidermists, because those generally arent the ones selling to the major stores.

Animals cant fight back, if you whack them in the head a few times. They dont have to be dead for that at all. It's not that hard to disable an animal without killing it or damaging the fur. Somehow, the farms that keep their animals in shit conditions manage to make a profit and turn up furs that arent all beat up and bloody, even though their animals are kept and treated horribly, so its not at all impossible to pull all that off, since theyve been doing it for years and are still doing it today.

Mass murder of animals whether humane or not for the purpose of fashion is as sick as it gets. To keep yourself warm? Sure. For food? Sure, because those are things contributing to your survival, and not just to satisfy some inner sense of fashion. But just so that you can have a pair of "fancy gloves" or an expensive coat, for the sake of fashion? Unnecessarily and horrid.
pebble-bounce's avatar
pebble-bounceHobbyist Artist
idk why and this is like a extremely late comment compared to everything else but god do I literally love reading arguements on dA it’s weird

also I agree with MattsyKun
MattsyKun's avatar
MattsyKunHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, thanks dude. XD
Katie2114's avatar
Wow I never even thought of a second view point of the fur industry. I always thought PETA was reporting was true and revealed the whole truth. But you are right, how could the coats be so nice if the animals were abused? You have defiantly helped with my ignorance on the subject of the fur trade and for that I thank you.  
DoomScarf's avatar
DoomScarfHobbyist General Artist
MattsyKun's avatar
MattsyKunHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thanks X3 Thanks for being so open-minded! :hug:
Wynthorne-Wyvernae's avatar
Wynthorne-WyvernaeStudent Writer
You both make good points, but don't forget MattsyKun, just because there are laws in place, doesn't mean they are always followed. Granted, many do follow the laws, but not all.
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