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Raptor Chant

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Looks like not all of the raptors have actually noticed.

That was a clever move on the fox's part: blending in with the crowd to avoid notice. :D
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one of these things is not like the other
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Well obviously something's wrong, that one raptor at the end isn't singing or looking in the right direction!
As a side note, I'm getting this weird feeling like I'm missing something...
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Day 100 oh no they know i am not one
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Day 25 they still don't know i am here
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Hahaha, einfach nur episch :D Ich feier den Gesichtausdruck des einen Raptors - super geworden!
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Ha ha ha ! So cute ! 
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This is adorable :3
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OMG xD Too cute! :D
Ich liebe dieses Bild, es bringt mich immer wieder zum Lachen. (Und ich möchte nicht wissen, wie oft ich beim Singen schon geguckt habe, wie der Kollege mit dem Fragezeichen *chchchch*)
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Day 36: The still didn't notice that I'm a mammal
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One of these things is not like the other...
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Just an ordinary comment passing by...
i just wanted to say that I'm only 13, and I gess I'm alright at drawing, but I just can't believe how good you are at drawing rapters, sharks and foxes!!! I really wish I could draw those things. But I can't really... Idk, I really look up to you a lot. And you're drawings are more than amazing! I really hope to see more of your incredible work in the future. And one more thing, THIS ONE IS MY FAVORET!!!!! 
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They are all cute:)
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Day 23: I think Carlos is becoming suspicious, but the rest still don't seem to notice that I'm a fox.
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Amazing and funny! =P (Razz) 
Btw, where are your Donut art? I like it so must. I want put it to favourites.
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this reminds me of that one Pixar mini-film with the birds on the wire.
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