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Published: January 31, 2015
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Had this picture laying in my archives for centuries but always forgot to upload it. Drew it at the time when Skia and I were gaming Pokémon X and Y and PokéMonAmi was introduced for the first time. Even though there was a lot about Pokémon X and Y that left us unsatisfied , we still think it was a milestone (because it is) and PokéMonAmi...come on, it can't get better than a big derpy Yveltal smiling at you and being happy when you stroke it. D8<

Golduck, Umbreon and Alakalazam belong to me, while Delphox, Vaporeon and Bisharp are from Skia's team. We still love them dearly. 8D
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Oct 25, 2013, 9:02:26 PM
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Comments (27)
Internetexplorer968's avatar
All are so clean and sophisticated. That Delphox is so noble. :)
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UNlikeableMegastos's avatar
UNlikeableMegastos|Student General Artist
That Delphox looks so dignified. I want one please...
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akittyk's avatar
akittyk|Hobbyist General Artist
That was one of my favorites parts in the game xD I love how interactive you were able to be with your pokemon!
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Sturmvoqel's avatar
Sturmvoqel|Hobbyist General Artist
Ich habe noch nie ein derart gut aussehendes, männliches Delphox gesehen. Klasse ♥
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Pinguicula's avatar
Pinguicula|Student Traditional Artist
Aaaawww EntoronLove Heart 
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Kieroni101's avatar
Kieroni101|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Daww! I love how you drew the Eeveeloutions. They're very cute!
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ImADragonOfTheNight's avatar
ImADragonOfTheNight|Hobbyist General Artist
I love it =)
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CelebAnthar's avatar
Ist das niedlich!
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ZeacorZeppelin's avatar
ZeacorZeppelin|Hobbyist General Artist
awesome, i love the regal delphox
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Grumpy-Goose's avatar
Grumpy-Goose|Student Digital Artist
Golduck... You gonna share some o'that?
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Woodswallow's avatar
Woodswallow|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Delphox sieht ja toll aus hier! :)
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FigoFox's avatar
It looks so cool! The Pokémons look awesome in your style:D
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MiekeM's avatar
MiekeM|Hobbyist General Artist
What do you use for the coloring?
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FoxShifterAdopts's avatar
FoxShifterAdopts|Hobbyist General Artist
Pokemon looks good in your style.  I really like that Delphox and Alakazam.
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D-Rock92's avatar
D-Rock92|Hobbyist General Artist
They look great in your style!

I was rather surprised with how much I enjoyed Pokemon Amie. Spent so much time playing that as opposed to the actual game.
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mewhaku's avatar
mewhaku|Hobbyist General Artist
That is a nice group image! Everyone looks so happy~
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jayswing96's avatar
jayswing96|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love how you draw pokemon! :)
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magranger16's avatar
magranger16|Hobbyist General Artist
I have ORAS now but I have Ninetales, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Pidgeot, Eevee (yes it's lvl. 90 because derp), and Espeon.
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barduk4's avatar
barduk4|Student Writer
that vaporeon! *-*
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Wonderful-Potato's avatar
I love the umbreon, looks so much like a friendly house cat!
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MintyZedGrimes's avatar
MintyZedGrimes|Professional Digital Artist
That's awesome. I loved PokeMonAmi as well, it was the best thing about the game xD
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secret-knurd|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree with you! (in that Pokémon X and Y were "unsatisfying") I had given up on Pokémon after Diamond and Pearl, but then I got Black 1 for the DS emulator and I was blown away at the plot development. Then I bought X and it couldn't compare to Black and White.

I've been watching too many Youtube debates
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Culpeo-Fox's avatar
Culpeo-Fox|Professional General Artist
I know right! Pokémon Y and X was BEAUTIFUL to look at and the 3D style in fights which made everything so dynamic and even better looking than Pokémon Stadium back then: Milestone, absolute Milestone and i often thought: Man, this is like "gaming some sort of animation", absolutely terrific.

But yeah, the plot...what plot? (and don't get me started on Team Flare which motives i found rather ridiculous). The ending might have been sweet and emotional but after you played the game it was kinda...done. All you can do afterwards is breeding and collecting the stuff that's still missing. Pokémon White and Black (or White and Black 2, as these were the first Pokémon DS-games that i had after getting my 3DS) on the other There was SO much to do, even after defeating Elite Four, keeping you busy for hours.
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ComradeK|Hobbyist General Artist
Man I wish I had invented Pokemon. I'd drink oil barons' milkshakes I'd be so fucking rich.
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