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You won't reach them, Peco.
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My favorite Aesop fable. Next to the Tortoise and the Hare.

"If you can't have something you really want, you put it down." 
How can I get permission to use this wonderful picture in my new book, The Song of Solomon (in which the little foxes eat the grapes)?  thanks, steve shober
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The colouring in this is just, indescribable :love:
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you draw a lot of fox's don't you
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Aww you should get back to him again... he was so cute<3
unicornangel's avatar
ah yes this is a story told in my country many times! i love it!
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your works are just great! :)
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Oh my god this is just too cute! XD
nintendorulez's avatar
hehe he looks so cute and funny! amazing! :love:
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Reminds me of that squirrel in Ice Age. Always wanting his acorn xD
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Did someone already mention Ice Age? :)
Really cute guy, especially on traditional media, which is the harder one imo.
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Like...threethousand times or so.
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no doubt they got something in common. It's a cute lil fox.^^
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I love the expression of his eyes xD!

Great work (:
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so cute and nicely drawn. you can really draw cartoon animals very well. :)
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His expression is priceless!
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Ich bekomm irgendwie Hunger...
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:giggle: Versucht er jetzt, die Trauben zu hypnotisieren? ^^

Die Trauben leuchten und glitzern so schön, kein wunder, daß Peco besessen von ihnen ist... :iconinloveplz: Er erinnert mich an Scrat und seine Nuss :D
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It dosen't matter how hard you stare at them you ain't gonna get heat vision so u can shoot them down.
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