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Neon Prisma

ANIMA-Main Cast.
Have the whole lot at once. :)

(in case anyone's wondering: The art/shading style was heavily inspired by Ikuko Itoh's magnificent work for the Sailor Moon S covers which to this day are some of my favourites :P… )

(...and i just realised that "Neon Prisma" sounds like an awesome name for a music band or something)

character, concept and story (c)
:iconskia: & :iconculpeo-fox:

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how you made the color's work so well is genius.
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
Thank you so much!
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So are they all supposed to be these particular hitmans/spies?
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
Sesh - Serparo Dam (Black Coat). "Cop"/civil servant probably would come closest. Somewhat of a sniper and executioner.
Riseos - Serparo Khao (White Coat). Cop again, working in the profiling department, with a background of working undercover, hobnobbing with some coyote mafia
Daraiphios - former training supervisor for Wishukat (a form of signature martial arts among Sylangese people), works now in the journalism field after some nasty accident (and isn't all too happy about it)
Velocitas - actually the only "real" hitwoman" here, with legit gangland-connections.

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Badass!, Sounds really awesome
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Everyone is a snake, but where did that bird come from? In traditional bird societies, that's a dangerous move.
Skia's avatar
Then again, birds and reptiles are closely related - and not all birds are simply "prey" for they have sharp beaks and talons and are hunters themselves. ;)
CelticMultiverse's avatar
are they a sentai like J.A.K.Q.
Sturmvoqel's avatar
Ästhetik pur. :heart:
Wirklich ein unglaublich starkes Bild, das als Plakat wäre unfassbar cool.
Hunting-wolf's avatar
Oh my gosh, these neon colours gives it a good pop effect :D
BlueHunter's avatar
Irgendwie hatte ich das Gefuehl, dass das Shading etwas mit Sailor Moon zu tun hat. Hat einen sehr netten Popup Effekt 8)
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Your stuff is always so cool. :happybounce: 
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Should I request one more guy to add to make them a Super Sentai team? :XD:

Nice work before, nice now, though the pure while background does leave a sense of lacking due to being too stark a contrast with the previous lively backgrounds.
karpfinchen's avatar
Ich finde einfach alles daran so gut umgesetzt. Das Konzept der 4 Elemente, der Stil, die wunderbar dynamischen Posen und fesselnden Blicke <3
xXKalassinXx's avatar
aaaah I like them very much. all of them. I'm always happy if I see a new Picture of one of them. :heart: And when I saw this I was all: Hmm... it reminds me of something.... Sherlock Holmes  But till I was reading your Artist comment I couldn't say of what. But YUSS you did a really good Job on the style! (Love Sailor Moon S :heart: )

And you're also right... it really sounds like a interesting Band XD)
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Ooh, nice combined piece!
KozmicLatiosthing's avatar
This is so freaking awesome!! Heart Heart Heart 
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