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Shitscribble time! :iconsinla-plz:

Every other day every other day
every other day of the week is fine yea
but whenever Monday comes but whenever Monday comes
you can find me crying all of the time :music:

The clichè monday morning.

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art (c) 2010, Culpeo-Fox
Monday Monday lyrics (c) The Mamas and the Papas
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© 2010 - 2022 Culpeo-Fox
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You are not the only who hates it. Stare Hug 
Giorgiathefox's avatar
Yeah...i feel your pain i also HATE Mondays
KamikazeLenna's avatar
Oh... i know that feel bro xD
Tienala's avatar
so awesome!! :love: you can capture feelings and emotions PERFECTLY in all of your drawings! :D i love your art so much, it's so inspiring and wonderful! anyway, you are featured on my page as one of my idols, because you and your art are awesome and you deserve everything! :D :iconsinla-plz:
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ScarletSerenityRose's avatar
That is so totally me on Mondays! Lol
alexyorim's avatar
It's Mo'n-day, Mo'n-day
the-exiled-muse's avatar
It makes me think of Wily Coyote on a Monday morning. Very nice.
Animal-Art-for-art's avatar
I love the style and use of expression, it's really great! :heart:
SouthclawJK's avatar
I thought deviant art posted something familiar... It was none other than one of my favourite artists :p
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
dA-twitter....and i was wondering where the sudden favourites for this old thing came from. Well, that explains it. 8D
arambadr's avatar
HAHAHAHAHAH  love it !
only i feel like this every morning recently !
KqKangaroo's avatar
Eep! The DeviantArt twitter just tweeted this out!
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
...I didn't even know that something like a Deviantart-Twitter exists. D8
KqKangaroo's avatar
Yup! It's the official Twitter for the website. They showcase talented artist's work. Here's the post if you are interested.…
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:iconiknowthatfeelplz: Strange leg anatomy? Still looks great :heart:
Gira-wolf's avatar
same here...i HATE mondays! :D
LarissaLoyd's avatar
The perfect clichè! Just love the blunt truth about the first day if the week!
JunoOfJetForce's avatar
The perfect example of Garfield's opinion of Monday.
Foxiwan's avatar
I know that feel.
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