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November 27, 2011
Media Overkill by =Culpeo-Fox
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by MayaVogrin
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Media Overkill

Favourite books, favourite movies, favourite voices and favourite persons.

Obvious homage to Walter Moers and a bow to some great authors and names of the past and present.

Acrylics on ordinary carton, 42cm x 57cm, about 40 hours of working (extra fat big view for you so you can spy all the details (which seriously killed me at some point). Bla. original is so much better.

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KRR777's avatar
So endearing. Great piece of work.
nightsvallow's avatar

Reading by an open candle, in a room like that, strikes me as dangerous though :O_o:
Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Beautiful, amazing work~! 
Redsterfish's avatar
Books are supposed to be overwhelming ;) with words
Jeevan-Kumar-KC's avatar
I am to much impressed with your style, please visit my page and let me know your opinion.
ShereeBrown's avatar
i love and study Heart Heart Heart mmmm books... 
Inianna's avatar
Herrliche Szene! Klasse gezeichnet.

Diese Bücherwand ist überwältigend.
Das Gesichtsausdruck des Fuchses ist unbezahlbar.
Ich hoff, das über der Stuhllehne hängende Fuchsfell hat noch den lebendigen  Originalinhalt...
Und hach! Unter den Büchern ist Mio, mein Mio - wer kennt den das noch?

Dieses her made my day. Danke!
mdscarfaceone's avatar
Also, at least two of the actors in this are from Call of Duty, Kevin Spacey and Gary Oldman.

Man I really love those games.
AdorableHedgehog's avatar
I love foxes soooo much and this looks so very cool with all of the book spines written on and the little hidden things :D
FuzzyAcornIndustries's avatar
This was so much fun to read over. Working in a secondhand bookstore I recognized a lot of the titles you have one there.

Seems you really like Stephen King. I couldn't help but laugh at "It" and how you made it extra wide like it really is. A lot of his older classics like that are really popular here and hard to keep on our shelf.
mdscarfaceone's avatar
I do like this picture, a lot, however, there are a lot of missing things in it. Which I would have loved.

First of all, Full Metal Jacket.

Second, Video Games.

Third, a copy of the Animals of Farthing Wood.
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
Yes, i actually did forget A LOT of things (but as always, you just realise that as soon as the whole is finished). Perhaps i might update it some day.
DimondsAce's avatar
Who else just stop and read every single title ? XD
Arestar1's avatar
All those titles! O.O lovely fox 
Beautiful! Just love the face of the fox :)
discomoule's avatar
OMAGAD!!!!! I read the same book when I was 12 years old. So glad to find the tittle again, I had forget it Oo
Thx a lor for this beautifull picture and to help me recover a book I really loved(I know you didn't do it for that but thx x) )
SachiiA's avatar
Hey! I am going to buy this print one day, art print, (one day being soon either for myself for christmas or for my sister XD) and I wanted to ask you how big it should be to be able to spot all the details? Would 30 x 46 cm be too small?
weisewoelfin's avatar
Herrlich! Tolles Bild und klasse Literaturgeschmack! :D
TKWTH's avatar
JESUS! How long must this have taken?!

Worth it, though.
GokanMartialArtist's avatar
That Raven....makes me laugh so much..
octolips's avatar
W-was soll das heissen, kein "The Long Walk" in der King-Ecke?!?!?!?!?! /derschrei
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
(zu dem Zeitpunkt war das ausgerechnet eines der Werke von King, die ich noch nicht gelesen hatte D8 *heul* McFries und Garraty mögen mir bitte verzeihen.

Aber es fehlen eh dutzendweise Bücher und Personen und Kram, die ich mitunter auch schlicht vergessen habe. Wollte das mal längst geupdatet haben)
octolips's avatar
Naja, was soll ich da sagen! Lupe hat es mir im November oder so mit Tom Gordon als Hörbuch geschickt. Davor habe ich King bewusst gemieden, da ich nur die richtigen SHICEFILME kannte (Langoliers, Thinner, Es und von mir aus auch Running Man weil SCHWARZENEGGER?! OKAY.) und die sind mal alles andere als gute Werbung! Kein Wunder, dass er fast alle Verfilmungen hasst! (Davor kannte ich noch eine verstümmelte Version von The Body aus der Schule, aber verstümmelt ist das nur MEH.)

Tom Gordon fand ich schon genial, aber TLW macht mich fertig. FERTIG. Mittlerweile liegen deshalb auch brav einige andere King-Werke in der To-Read-Ecke und ich bereue ewiglichst, dass ich ihn nicht früher gelesen habe X_______X
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