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Kon Sy

He shouldn't be here. If someone saw him here, he'd be chased away, he would be severely punished. And rightfully so. You aren't allowed to be here. Not now. Reason commands him with a sharp voice to go. Now. Nothing happened yet, there is still time to-
The egg shell cracks. The Cobra Man hesitates.
Do you want that?, Reason asks. Do you want to falsely imprint her, influence her life like that? Do you want to be responsible for her to endure a life-long yearning for your kind while feeling a stranger among her own people? Do you want to be the one responsible for this kind of confusion, messing with her bird-identity? Is this really what you want?
No. No, no, no. I do not want that. I don't want to cause her any misery, never.
- then go! Get out of here.
Another crack appears on the shell. The egg is now heavily twitching.
But I...I need to see her. I have to make sure it is her. Just for a second. Just one time.
- wait until after the hatching! You mustn't be here before, not now! Damn it, leave now before-

The egg cracks open.

Blue Foreign-Eyes are blinking at him, just before he can shield himself from her view. The Kon Sy, this serpent man is the first thing that her eyes ever see, that she ever sees. Blue meets red. Reason keeps silent in shock.
The King Cobra stands still at first. But then, Heart takes over.
The Kon Sy slowly leans over her. He takes off a glove, to touch her gently (gently, as gentle as possible). A falcon, he thinks and Heart convulses itself. Out of astonishment, admiration, love. You're a falcon in this world. Of course you are.
"Forgive me, little arrow", he whispers, "forgive me. I was too weak. Too weak."
The Peregrine Falcon chick sticks her cheek towards his hand, clinging to his touch, inhaling his traces that surround him and in which she enfolds herself. Snake. Snake.

When the others enter, the Kon Sy is long gone. The hatched Peregrine Falcon cries and cries.


Pira and Tirah.

art, story and characters (c)
:iconskia: & :iconculpeo-fox:

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Really precious here!

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This looks really beautiful:heart: Well, despite how the fears of reptiles, I have to try to overcome the fear. This character in this artwork; almost reminded me of Randall Boggs before he changed himself into a bad person.

I really love to say, this brought me tears to my eyes of joy. It help me get through my tough times.
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Endlich endlich habe ich mir mal die Zeit genommen, das Geschichtenfragment zu lesen - und ich bin so froh, das Bild nicht aus meiner Inbox gelöscht zu haben. So wundervoll, so zart, so gefühlvoll - beides, Bild und Worte. Die Verbindung aus gefühlvollen Bildern, biologischen Fakten und perfekt gewählten Worten lässt mein Herz höher schlagen. Ich möchte mehr davon :)
Ich hab mich gleich gefragt, woher Pira sie zu kennen scheint...
Und nun endlich verstehe ich Tirah auch besser, wieso sie sich so fehl am Platz fühlt und so anders. Was für eine tolle Idee eines "fehlgeprägten" Falken! Und doch, so fehlgeprägt scheint sie mir nicht...Vögel und Reptilien vereint ja viel mehr, als man so meint.
Ach, einfach mal wieder Klasse, ihr Zwei!
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"Wann haben Sie die ersten Anzeichen von Fidiphilie bewusst an sich wahrgenommen?" ;P
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
Ophiophilie wäre das richtige Wort. Wink/Razz
Chepseh's avatar
Ughn, ach ja, Altgriechisch. Na ja, mein Fail klingt dafür niedlicher.
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>"Cobra's Daughter"  I love this~
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Erena Heart Eye [Girlfriend BETA]  i want more.
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gnnnnbzblmrgrmmllll! :heart: <--- I think cuteness overload... ^^'
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Excellent depiction of tenderness with a lovely story. <3 
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I don't know which I prefer; your excellent artwork, or the truly beautiful story. You're clearly fabulously adept at both writing and drawing. :nod:
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Awww, what a lovely history lesson ^_^
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"The hatched Peregrine Falcon cries and cries."

Thanks, I was just successfully handling the whole story without any feels but then you had to drop that last sentence on me, you monster. ;-;
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Gentle moment, good job :):heart:
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Well, that explains things... And rises other questions...
Cute drawing !
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An answer to the unspoken familiarity!
He remembers the little arrow, even though she couldn't quite place him.
Blessed <3
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thot detected, must destroy
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Very nice work! Great pose and composition!
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I love them. I would die for them. :heart: 
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This is cute and sad!
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