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Indo-Chinese Spitting Cobra



Naja siamensis.

An impressive Cobra with a highly variable colouration; while its two main colours are black and white (although brown variants are also known), it can be either speckled, sprinkled, banded, streamed - as if both colours were constantly fighting each other.
Being a Spitting Cobra, it absolutey lives on its name, preferring to spit its venom directly out of its fangs and into the eyes of any attacker, proving an astounding accuracy - what makes a meeting with this snake extremely dangerous. Once the venom gets in contact with the eyes and is left without any instant treatment, it is very likely to become blind.

I came across this Cobra some time ago in Bangkok, well protected behind glass. For the longest of time, I only knew this animal from photographies alone and could never quite believe that such a stunning Cobra could actually exist, with a black and white interplay so bold and full of contrast that it appeared surreal. It is a snake that seems like a living canvas; white grounding being sprinkled with a black brush and vice versa. To me, it felt like looking at a myth that had proven to be real. It could have been a Wolpertinger sitting in the tank just as well.

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I like snakes especially cobras.