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Green Keelback

By Culpeo-Fox
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Rhabdophis nigrocinctus.

A beautifully coloured snake from the infamous double-poisonous-venomous Rhabdophis-genus. These animals are spotted mainly near water where they prey on frogs and other amphibians. Not much is known about their venom yet, but it can be assumed that the effects are similar and just as dangerous as an envenomation from the related, better known species Rhabdophis subminiatus. Therefore, caution is advised when the snake is being handled.

I haven't seen this snake in person so far, but i'd love to someday. I simply admire its fine colouration.

Red-Necked Keelback by Culpeo-Fox Blue-Necked Keelback by Culpeo-Fox Common Wolf Snake by Culpeo-Fox Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait by Culpeo-Fox  Dragon Snake by Culpeo-Fox Reticulated Python by Culpeo-Fox
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Jan 31, 2016, 9:50:32 PM
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Wow! Fine green colouration indeed, complete with dark umbra stripes, nice. :D
And considering this particular keelback snake has such large eyes its eyesight must be pretty good. :nod: 
Cool and beautiful illustration as always, totally :+fav:'d! :thumbsup::D
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I love the colours in this! Wonderful work.
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Ich liebe deine Schlangenserie wirklich sehr, es ist unmöglich mittlerweile einen Favoriten zu benennen! Hast du schon einen Plan für diese Bilder? Ein Bildband auf A3 Größe? Oder Poster? Das wäre super :)
Weißt du, wieviele Arten du noch malen willst?
Culpeo-Fox's avatar

Es wird vermutlich alles auf einen Bildband hinauslaufen. Thailand ist Schlangenparadies, daher werden noch so einige folgen, bzw. ist ein Ende der Serie noch etwas länger nicht in Sicht. :)
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Jawollo, super geile Idee!
Perfekt, ich freu mich drauf :)
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Lovely illustration :D
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Double-poisonous-venomous? What does that mean?
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It means that these snakes are both venomous (venom is a toxin that is injected through a bite or a sting, like many snakes, spiders or insects do) and poisonous (poison is toxin that harms you when you digest it/eat it; examples for poisonous animals are toads).

This snake can harm you when it bites you, for being rear-fanged and having venom glands. But, it can ALSO harm you when you simply touch or eat it (they do produce some posionous secretion which they get from their prey (toads), coming out of their necks when harrassed. And that stuff does better not get in your mouth).
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Interesting! Thanks for the info!
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Why did only this genus evolve the ability to sequester poison from prey?
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Excellent! Do you draw each scale individually or do you have a pattern/brush?
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Exquisite, very exquisite, and I don't tend to use that word that often
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Beautiful snake!
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