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May 31, 2009
coNstantine2530 said Fox Tutorial by *Culpeo-Fox "If you're in the search for getting better at drawing animals, in this case foxes, there's no doubt this is the place to look. This deviant offers a sincere and humble approach at learning to draw this animal, while showing amazing skill in his pictures and knowledge of the different species. This is an excellent tutorial!"
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Fox Tutorial


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This tutorial was uploaded almost ten years ago now and looking back, there are so many things on this that i would do absolutely different/add to/completely strike out. Long story short: I'm far from satisfied with this tutorial anymore. I still refuse from deleting it since people still seem to find it helpful.

I will, however, definitely post an updated/heavily overworked version of this tutorial at some point.

besides the popular "why do you love foxes"- question, the most popular question people ask me is "can you give me tips on drawing foxes?" or something like that. we go. a long long long promised, crappy tutorial about drawing foxes. (btw. while browsing through dA i realized that there are - as always - a dozen wolf tutorials while you just rarely find good fox tutorials...bla. i love it to be a rebel :P )

cave: this tutorial doesn´t show the basics of drawing, it just give you tips about drawing foxes.

hopefully it can help you here and there....

several things i have to mention:
the poses and headshots were inspired by natural fox photographies to keep the images anatomically as correct as possible.

the photos are (c) to their much respected photographers.
unfortunately i wasn´t able to find out those. if you know some of these photographers, please tell me so i can add their names down here. thank you :)

tutorial (c) moi.

several inspiration is also taken from
"carving wolves, foxes and coyotes" by desiree hajny
and from
"der rotfuchs" by fritz koenen
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