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yes. i recently watched my alien-quadrilogy box again. :P

facehuggers are cool. *wants one* and the movies are fun. ;) (those chestburster-critters still scare the hell out of me. *...wants one of those as well*)

(and mercy please, i drew that facehugger out of memory.)

Facehugger(c) Ridley Scott, Giger and all those who worked on that awesome classic/20th Century Fox

and here, the sequel:
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I've been in an Alien mood, so I really enjoy seeing this.

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omg, this so bizarrely similar to 
here's a present by SoraWithWings

i like the "free hug" part tho
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Haha, yeah. My comic is only six years older. :)
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yeah, he originally posted his in 2016 A Present

even more bizarre! I guess facehuggers in cardboard boxes just isn't a very original idea lol :'3 
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Never . Trust. A. Boxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!
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The box did say Free Hugs...
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Moral of story: don’t trust strange boxes because headcrabs
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did you call a facehugger a headcrab? are you gonna call a headcrab a metroid next?
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No. He will call him a spider.
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Hahahahahathat would be nice to watch XD
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never trust a free hug box u cant see inside of.
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Kind of looks like a horseshoe crab... ^^
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You've never seen Alien, have you.
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Bits of it... ^^;
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That thing is from alien. It basically lays eggs in your gut so that it can later explode out of your chest and becomes a giant man eating alien.
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Oh yeah, I remember now... ^^
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noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! i no like!!! i know what hugger is doing to the fox! it is not good!
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And free friend... In you chest...
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