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Das Rad Umschliesst Den Kreis
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Published: September 11, 2018
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" got old", she whispers.
He laughs, surprised, and plays the indignant one. "Why, you little...!"
But then, a mild gentleness appears on his face.
"You're right, I got old. The eyes need glasses now, my scales don't shine as they used to and my lovely pattern paled out a little. Still: We serpents age like fine wine. Look at mammals. These age like...well, like their very own milk!"
Her eyes widen. " No no no, this is not what I meant!" Then, there is a little sound coming out of her throat that might be a chuckle, but it breaks the very next second and turns out to be crying.
"You did get old! Fortunately, you fortunately did, do you see? I thought...back then..."
For a short moment, she seems lost. Then, she literaly flees into his arms, just like Velocitas has done so often, but Tirah hasn't for a long, long time.
"You just died so young. Do you understand? I saw you dying. I thought, you were dead. It's's just so wonderful to see you old", she quietly says. Then, she doesn't say anything at all anymore, hiding her face in the fabric of his coat.
He holds her close, cradling and caressing her with his hand, his lips, his love. She inhales his scent, the traces being still the same: cool forest soil, wet moss, cigarette smoke (forest fire) and underneath, the same fine perfume which he had already used back then. It is the scent of home.
"Birdie. Twenty years, I searched for you. And it would have been okay if my search had lasted another twenty years."


"Why...haven't you said anything?"
"I didn't want to unnecessarily upset you."
"No...I mean..."
She stops. She thinks of their time together; before and after locking Tirah up, the amnesia that followed and obliterated everything that happened. The memories of him.
She thinks of Darai. Of Sesh.

Why haven't you said anything?

She struggles. Against numbness, against helplessness.
"Birdie", she hears him saying. "Come to me, dear."
He gently pulls her close, having the time going by without saying a single word. All he does is letting her feel his presence.

"Back then, when I took this job", he finally says, "working undercover as a middleman for the wasn't money that made me do this, it wasn't altruism. It wasn't any of that. I just saw a chance to run away, from things I fucked up prior to this. Pretending that all was good. Nothing was good. I was in denial of my own denial."
Being kissed by the warm rays of Shie-Yst, she silently listens to him. She snuggles up to him in his lap, taking his hand.  
"It was dangerous", he tells. "Both our gunshot wounds testify this (do you remember?). Undercover agents are known to have quite a short lifespan and afterwards, I know that I - secretely - just hoped to get killed in the process. But i didn't get killed. I found you instead."
His breathing is as calm as his voice sounds.  
"You were just another little falconet who lost her father. Life has its funny ways sometimes. I didn't realise it back then, but now I know that you were my chance to not necessarily undo, but "make up for" what i did."
He sighs.
"And you became much more than that. You grew to me. You became home. I, who ever sat inbetween, each leg standing in another country, suddenly got a notion of what home feels like. And you's not just me. I realised...if you can heal me, than why shouldn't you heal someone else as well? And you did. Just look what you did. Darai, Sesh, they both needed healing just as much as I did back then. They needed you. And little miracle that you are, it wasn't only my life you had an impact on."
Again, there is a silence coming over them. For some short moments, nothing else is heard but the wind; and within his rushing, traces of the past follow, laying themselves above the present with a warm feeling - like a long lost photography which one suddenly finds in a hidden box.
"When the explosion happened and I lost you during this chaos...I never thought I'd see you again", Riseos says. "And yet: here we are. I did find you again, 20 years later. Shot in the streets. I didn't care that you did not remember, did not recognise me (or didn't want to).
You see, has been incredible. So much good happened to me, to all of us. I did some major fuck ups in my life. But I know that everything that happens happens for a reason. There is no coincidence. Everything I did, the good as well as the bad... I don't regret a single thing. I am thankful, for all of it. Don't ask yourself: 'What if-' or 'if I had only-". The things are how they should be. How do you say? The wheel encloses the circle."
The python stretches himself.
"It's such a wonderful day", he says. "Do you want to go somewhere?"
The falcon shakes her head. She wraps herself up in his traces, unable to say anything.
" please, let's just stay here, Risi", she replies at last. "It''s so beautiful here. With you. It's just so beautiful."

You were the first, Risi. And the last at the same time.
The wheel encloses the circle.
How simple, how ecstatic such a truth can be.


Tirah/Velocitas and Riseos,
during the ages. Lost and found, lost and found.

  Sifre And White Coat by Culpeo-Fox 

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fluffy-fox23Student General Artist
their such cute characters
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limelionessStudent Digital Artist
how old is tirah here
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Culpeo-FoxProfessional General Artist
12 (top) - 17 (bottom left) - 35 (bottom right).
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Maaan, I love seeing Both together. Fave duo atm for me. :heart: and your work is so amazing.... Awesome. really awesome. :heart:
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I wonder how did they met anyway 💐?
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AwesomeFoxgirl02 Artisan Crafter
They are so cute together 💖❤️.
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I always love these bits of story, especially with these two. It's not like following a comic, or a book, where the whole story is laid out from start to finish. It's more like snap-shots. Little glimpses into their key moments and thoughts at different points in their lives. It.. always makes me think of how actual memories feel. Where it's more about the feelings and thoughts at the time, and it's not necessarily in order. But it feels so much more real and organic this way. Thanks for sharing more of this lovely pair with us.
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So... Tirah and Velocitas are the same person? Well, falconet
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ComradeKHobbyist General Artist
I, who ever sat inbetween, each leg standing in another country, suddenly got a notion of what home feels like.  

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i ship this
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That it is so amazing 😉.
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