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Pseudalopex culpaeus.

The history that i share with my namesake and favourite fox of all time, the Culpeo Fox, is quite a complex one that is pretty hard to tell in just a few sentences. I could go on and on about how much this animal means to me, how it came about in my life, how and why i borrowed its name to become my professional alias, Culpeo S. Fox (the S. at first being just part of a stupid little wordplay (Raven S. Fox = ravenous fox :P ), but it wasn't until 2014/2015 or so, when i would finally and officially include it to the name, with an actual meaning behind). I could talk about how Sin, one of my oldest characters evolved as it all collides in this one, giant mess of connected background story - but that would break the mould. Another story for another time perhaps.

So, here is just an abridged version.
The Culpeo is a (South-American) vulpine-lookalike. So much, that it is even blatantly called "Red Fox" in some places (though, it varies greatly in size and shape, depending on where they occur). Look at it and people will almost always initially say: Fox. You'd rarely guess that it actually is a member of the Canini tribe, which excludes the true foxes but houses wolves, jackals and coyotes (and it is neither of those either).
And so am i, in a weird, twisted kinda way: A (vulpine) South-American lookalike. People guessing my heritage by mere looks would always say: Chile. Or Peru. It's true, i have a record of anecdotes/statistics by now. I had South-American tourists/sellers suddenly start talking Spanish to me a few times now, since they thought i was a familiar fellow. None of them would come up with Thailand. Germany not even close. Thais and Germans themselves included.

The Culpeo and i, both of us are "False Foxes" in our own right. It's a rather derogative term at first sight and probably could also be used that way but honestly, i'm actually quite fond of it. Yes, i am a False Fox - and happily so. /SYMBOLISM

ALSO. The Culpeo is perfect in that regard that you can also coin the word "culebra" with it. Which is Spanish for Snake. Which i regard as the other significant animal in my life (hence the Naga seen in the picture). But snakes and yet another story. And might be told another time.

Also, sorry for the recent silence. I was SUPER-busy the past few weeks.
Have seen the Pet Shop Boys SUPER-Tour live in concert together with Skia (and i still feel SUPER-dizzy when thinking back to it. By God, my heart (beat). :heart: The music, the voice, the coolness, the style, the EMOTION. Skia and i are in LOVE, Jesus, i want to just TALK about it all day, hfbsfbsk. The last time i felt that way was back in 2013 when i saw Bruce Springsteen. Now, only Susumu Hirasawa and Hans Zimmer are on the list before i can die. Fanart tributes SO MUCH to come) - and went straight to Paris after that (where i saw a real life Concorde, some statues of Alexander The Great at the Louvre, almost kidnapped some bones at the museum of comparative anatomy and freshly fell in love with the Notre Dame, among other things). What a beautiful, avant-garde city.
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I really love the fiery colors you used in this masterpiece. Nice one!
TitanaCrotu's avatar
Wieso ham wir eigentlich noch nichts weiter miteinander zu tun ;P ... seid ihr auf EF? Mehr Pet Shop Furs wären mir doch sehr willkommen in meinem Freundeskreis X) ... irgendwie ergibt sich das nie :o)
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
Skia und ich _lieben_ die Pet Shop Boys. Most obviously :') (Skia betreibt mitunter die besten "Dedication-site" auf Tumblr, die wo gibt :P )

TitanaCrotu's avatar
Cool :-) War mit Anatoliba jetzt in London zu Inner Sanctum, aber nur ein Konzert. Dafür aber an jedem der vier Tage die ganze Zeit drumherum gepirscht. Mit Erfolg 8D <3
Nebulae3sma's avatar
Beautiful and I enjoyed reading your explanation. What are the symbols on the right? 
I guess I am a false fox in a way too. I was born in Japan, but don't look Japanese and my ancestors were Scottish and German. Nevertheless, growing up people would say I was lying when I told them I was born in Japan. Now I just lie and say I am from California. Maybe we should all just say we are humans from Earth... Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.
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Thank you so much for your kind reply! The symbol on the right is a Gao Yord (a sak yant motive), which i received as a tattoo on my neck by a monk when i was at the Wat Bang Phra temple in Bangkok some years ago.

Yes, THESE are the exact feelings. My mother is Thai, my father is German and yet, both Thais and Germans view me as a stranger/foreigner (i actually had a German xenophobe yelling at me that i should "GO HOME!" Giving him a most sophisticated reply in flawless High German and watching his dumb face was one of the best things in my life, though). It'd be a lie if i'd say that this didn't cause any personal struggles. It can be hard to be constantly reminded that you apparently belong to nowhere. Being torn between two countries (whose cultures couldn't be be more different from each other) doesn't help either.

It took me some time to find out for myself that "home" is not defined by any of that. It's not the countries. It's their people and the connections we make.
Nebulae3sma's avatar
Thank you for the explanation of the Gao Yord. Blessings to you and may you find peace. 
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I am so glad to have found this. I really love studying and learning about the varieties of foxies and false foxies out there. Such beautiful creatures.
redroamer's avatar
Kinda like the Maned Wolf. Looks like a fox, not really a fox. Nor a wolf. 

I love your foxes <3
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This would make a gorgeous blanket. 0-0 Too bad that isn't an option. xD
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Great art work.
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I am also Thai and [numerous European races]! I went to high school about an hour from Los Angeles, California, which is heavily populated by Hispanics - no one would believe that I wasn't one of them. I've been told that my inability to speak Spanish is a shame to my culture/ancestors. I wonder if I should tell my parents!
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
Ahaha oooh, i can relate so much. Oddly enough, even Thais would not recognise me as being Thai. Whenever i'm there and want to enter some museum, zoo or whatever, i almost always need to get out my Thai ID to avoid paying the usual higher price rates for tourists, as they would not believe me otherwise. And I look zero German, so don't get me started on that. The latest addition to my collection of weird happenings was an apparent German xenophobe, shouting at me that i should "go home/back to where i came from". That little bitch would literally swallow his tongue, though, as soon as i turned to him and i gave a nice reply in my finest High German accent.

But yeah, South-American people - never had any problems except for the embarassment on both sides when they'd talk Spanish to me and find out the truth. Should probably move to Chile. :')
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The Culpeo Fox seems interesting, I'll search more info about it later. In really like the drawing and how mystic it look. The contrast between light and shadow is great, have a good day!
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Looks great, and interesting way to come to select a character.
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Nice work. How's things going?
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