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Commission: Mad Scientist

By Culpeo-Fox
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Commission for MathisD from Fur Affinity who wanted his character called Day depicted as a mad scientist fox.

We should better hide, i can smell an explosion.

character (c) MathisD
art (c) Culpeo-Fox

Thanks for the business! (did you know that i actually love Erlenmeyers?)
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© 2010 - 2021 Culpeo-Fox
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Thegratestoryteller's avatar
He he that's me in science class
Tnynfox's avatar
Mixing the Determination with Monster SOULs be like...
Rookblonkorules's avatar
Oh, that is simply hilarious! I love it!
DubstepZombieX's avatar
I love your art and foxes
VinnyMartello's avatar
Hooray for chemistry! Sadly being a chemist isn't as action-packed as I thought it would be. The days of playing with mercury and asbestos are over... Sad Fluttershy 
Shiningknights's avatar
That fox! :PeachBlossom: Saitama (OK Alt) [V1] Saitama (OK Alt) [V1] Mushroom Dance flash icon (Undertale) Papyrus F2U Chat Icon - THAT'S ENOUGH Bulletteal Undertale Sans Brows Emoji Kneesocks f2u icon Sam Loading small GIF mettaton icon Free Bubble Tea icon Bluestar icon :dekumask: Miku Love [V1] Adventure Nightmare wants to nom too snowdrake pixel art [ Commission ] Tuni Icon Spideypool - Nightmare SUGGESTIVE MOOD Running Twilight chat emote Papyrus and Sans icon Chester the Chimp - Five Nights at Candy's - Icon toriel icon(FTU) Adventure N.Fredbear wants to nom you France (Love Spread) [V1] Grade Icon Deadpool - Great ass Nebula Nova: Snuggles :playstationbuttons: Oh (Emote) 
whodatninja9386020's avatar
Yhea that's me.(:l
I hope you know that's Kno3 rig....*BOOM*
SpaceDog500's avatar
Mad scientists ftw! La-boratory 
magranger16's avatar
This drawing kinda sums me up, but I don't believe in looking up how to do things, I just do them.
murdermitten360's avatar
nonono! this is what happens when he runs out of mtn dew
nitrokitty123's avatar
out came Mountain Dew.
BeadyEyedGirl's avatar
I love his face expression...
TheLeafKing's avatar
So cool, that wicked smile is just creepy LOVE IT!!! :squee: :love: :happybounce:
Tarrie-Revenant's avatar
Heehee, great expression. Reminds me of a certain friend I have.
RandomFox11's avatar
When I'm in the kitchen, explosions are absolutely normal.
Waddle2u's avatar
I adore all of your fox illustrations thaey have so much personality and whimsy to them! Great work!
StoryKeeper16's avatar
SableQueanVilaya's avatar
Nice foxy....Nice foxy! NO NO PUT DOWN THE BEAKER! NO!!!! XP
The-Ironwing-Kaiser's avatar
WhySoSatirical's avatar
Lesaya's avatar
xD Do you know "Pinky and Brain"? He look´s like Brain "And tomorrow I'll tear the world to me!"
Dimed-roll's avatar
It is amazing!
Tell me, can I take this sketch for a tattoo?
Thank you in advance))
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