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Children's Book The Fox And The Crow

Just a little announcement for you guys. :)

Last year i worked together with Manasi Subramaniam from Karadi Tales on an illustrated Children's Book version of the well-known fable tale The Fox And The Crow.

For those who don't know the story here's a very bief summary:
A Crow steals a piece of bread (it's a Jean Valjean-bird 8D ) from a bakery but comes across a cunning Fox before he can eat it. Fox takes a fancy to the bread and thus comes up with a simple plan to get it out of Crow...

Some details:
28 pages, for readers of age 4 and up, the language is English.
It will be published in March 18, 2014 but you can pre-order it already on Amazon:

Pre-order/Buy The Fox And The Crow On Amazon

Nothing more left to say but looking forward to hear your opinions about it and as always: thank you for the support. :) Also a big thank you to Manasi for the business and great cooperation - it was wonderful to work with you.

Best wishes,

Link to a basically identical Journal :P --->…
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I've waited a long time and finally got the book! I was so happy XD
I absolutely LOVE the simple brushstrokes while still keeping the realistic look of the animals. I've never seen anything quite like that before. I wish I could paint like you :)
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When I saw this as thumbnail, it already looked like a children's book cover. LOVE IT! I would read a book with this cover!
phi-in-the-moon's avatar
holy shit just found your gallery and i'm in love! i want to be a children's book illustrator and your style is inspiring me a lot, culpeo! <3 
nyapayton8's avatar
This is so beautiful and detailed I love it, if a movie were ever made on this, this would definitely make a godly perfect poster for it!🦊
Blue-Rapunzel's avatar
I love those colorsLa love
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Everyone wants to steal your cheese 
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Looks cool, Culpeo-Fox. :)
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Culpeo-Fox's avatar
If you mean "real" as in a real, physical book: yes. (:
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My bro :iconcambion-hunter: would love to know of this!

How long has this book been out?
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
It was published back in March 2014 (can all be found in the description).
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Seen the other adaptations?
Sabrina2000's avatar
I know that old fairy tale. It's the fox and the crow.
I love your art work! 
ShaenaShepherd's avatar
I have this book. My boyfriend gave it to me for Christmas. I love it, and I love your art. Keep being amazing! :)
Culpeo-Fox's avatar
Thank you so much!
MarineAngel64Ketchup's avatar
Your amazing at this stuff.
Nod-Shadow-Wolf's avatar
Nicely done, sir. The way the portrait was made is devine, and the brush strokes are simply brilliant. :)
can i use dis pic as ma cover page in ma big book ? 
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I love this, crows are very inportant as a symbol in my art (for me importan) <3
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Everybody wants to steal your cheese.
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