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Bunny Burrito

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Ah yes. The dreaded bunny burrito. Only used in dire situations. Such as administrating medicine, cleaning ears, trimming nails, and tattooing.

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Bunny swaddling or bunny straitjack-et? :O

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what did you do to him.

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In South Africa there is a meal called "bunny chow"

No it does not have bunnies in it haha.

It's basically a half a loaf of bread hallowed out and mince stuffed in it.

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Was musste gemacht werden? Mein Kater wird auch immer zum Cat Burrito, wenn die böse Mutti was an ihm rumpopeln muss. :D

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This reminds me one time when my friend's bunny got tangled in a blanket

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he looks funny!

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Introducing the new "Bunny Wrap" from Taco Bell

He’s a Bunnito

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He is in-bread


Ok ill see myself out

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Looks so cute!

Yet, I fear it hasn't really helped this bunny's opinion of you. ;-)

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bunn ritto! This one looks a lil spicy

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