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Borneo Frog-Eating Snake

Stegonotus borneensis.

The Frog-Eating Borneo Snake (also called Boreo Ground Snake) is a rather small-sized, terrestrial snake, feeding on frogs (hence its common name) and other snakes, as well as their eggs. It is a very elusive serpent with only scarce knowledge about its behaviour and natural history. Snakes from the Stegonotus genus bear similarities with members of the Lycodon genus, requesting for more research regarding the relationship between the two genera and the cohesiveness of Stegonotus as a genus.
In "A Field Guide To The Reptiles Of Thailand" (Tanya Chan-ard/John W. K. Parr/Jarujin Nabhitabhata), it is stated that this snake is being reported from Khao Luang National Park and Nakhon Si Thammarat. However, herpetologst Dr. Prof. H. Kaiser is doubting these reports, making it a highly questionable species for this series (which is also why i couldn't find the Thai common name for this species). I still decided to include it here - because i find it to be quite a beautiful serpent.

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Ho! :O_o: A most fascinating species of snake new to me. :nod:

That cyan glitter on its scales is really beautiful. :D Blue-Green Orb

Snake emoticon :+fav: :thumbsup:

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Wow this colors are absolutely stunning!

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Ich hatte sie schon vermisst... :clap:

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Gorgeous artwork here! It's so colorful and realistic! :DI have to ask, is this partially a real photo that you have edited and seamlessly merged with your artwork, or is it completely hand drawn? It's such a beautiful piece of work! :D

Culpeo-Fox's avatar

Hello, thank you for your kind comment! All snakes are completely hand drawn. The background patterns are photos taken from me (collected from various temples in Thailand).

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You're welcome! :D And wow, that's incredible! You can make photo-realistic artwork. Amazing work!

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I've been following your amazing snake collection for years, thanks for making such beautiful art ❤️

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