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ANIMA Main Cast

Having no real birthday related art to share with you. Thus, you get a little picture of the ANIMA-main cast, as these characters and their respective story and world pretty much defined the year 2018 for Skia and me. And they did it in such an intense, mind-boggling, consciousness-expanding way that neither of us were prepared for.

There are just no words for how much i love these fuckers. But yes, i do.

Happy Springsteen Day y'all!
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Mar 8, 2018, 4:26:11 AM
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Makes me think of this video:

Awesome art.
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So flippin dapper! :heart:
Very beautiful skills
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U now this meme
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"Each one being skilled in badassery, though. And important af."

Mein in der Altenpflege tätiges Wildschwein mit Fetisch für Zotter Schokolade und meine Okapi-Sozialpädagogin die nur Second Hand kauft sind auch cool und outsider, aber machen niemanden nie tot. :heart: :B
Wie? Langweilig, sowas liest doch keiner? O tempora, o mores. :(
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Mich deucht, da wollte jemand wohl wieder besonders geistreich sein. :P
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Schiet, voll ertappt.

Your pcitures are always awsome, tough! :heart: :rose:
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I love this poly group so much. I love each and every character in this story. 
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I love the one with the hat, looks dope. Nice job.
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I love them all
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Tirah's snake harems
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I think you misspelled assassin and goodness, but I could be wrong.

Excellent piece, and it's great to have a composition with all four of these guys for reference, if needed.

Oh, and happy birthday too!
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You accidentally replied to me instead of the deviation as a whole. 
Would I be right if you left that comment via mobile?

Also, I'm pretty sure it's a non-sexual but heavily romantic relationship between all four of them... but I could be wrong on the sexual aspect.
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I am so sorry. Yes, mobile acts awfully weird since I don't have the app
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Don't worry about it, I've done it a few times myself.
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You're right on assassin, will be fixed. Goddess, though, was intentional all the way through.
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And that's why I was cautious with my claim! Thanks for letting me know!
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aaaa I love these four and their story so much!! Its awesome to see them all together! 
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Thank you so much!
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Grooviest quartet in town
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