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Rebuild Of Equilibrium by Culpeo-Fox, visual art

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Reticulated Python by Culpeo-Fox, visual art

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Discrezione by Culpeo-Fox, visual art

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Phra Naresuan by Culpeo-Fox, visual art

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Children's Book The Fox And The Crow by Culpeo-Fox, visual art

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Culpeo S. Fox. B.A.

Method Artist. Thai-German, based in Germany.

Specialised in Wildlife Art, Thai-Western-Mixed Art, Character Concept Art, Card Game Art, book illustration. Occasionally taking photos.

Also, silly comics.



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Yes, i'm the maker of that gif with that skull fox headbanging to your favourite music.

Favourite Visual Artist
Skia ♣ Werner Herzog ♣ David Lynch
Favourite Movies
The Fall ♣ Interstellar ♣ The Godfather ♣ Equilibrium ♣ The Prestige ♣ Ip Man ♣ In The Mood For Love ♣ The Wind Rises ♣ Jurassic Park ♣ La vita è bella ♣ The Legend Of 1900
Favourite TV Shows
Cowboy Bebop ♣ Avatar ♣ Steven Universe ♣ Gravity Falls ♣ Alfred J. Kwak ♣ NGE ♣ Digimon ♣ X/1999 ♣ Sailor Moon ♣ Ass Class ♣ Twin Peaks
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Hans Zimmer ♣ Bee Gees ♣ Maurice Gibb ♣ Pet Shop Boys ♣ Bruce Springsteen ♣ George Harrison ♣ John Williams ♣ Scorpions ♣ Susumu Hirasawa ♣ Falco ♣ Geinoh Yamashirogumi
Favourite Books
The Godfather ♣ The Green Mile ♣ The Neverending Story ♣ City Of Dreaming Books ♣ Empire Of The Ants ♣ Carter Beats The Devil ♣ Last Chance To See ♣ The Stone And The Flute
Favourite Writers
Skia ♣ Stephen King ♣ Franz Kafka ♣ Rudyard Kipling ♣ Michael Ende ♣ Walter Moers ♣ Victor Hugo ♣ Peter S. Beagle ♣ Horacio Quiroga
Favourite Games
Journey ♣ Undertale ♣ Pokémon ♣
Other Interests
Victorian Era ♣ Thai Mythology/History ♣ Aztecs ♣ Krabi Krabong ♣ Zoology ♣ The Concorde ♣ Antiquity

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I followed skia and was always enamored with the falcon and snake pieces which carried such a weight. Glad I finally found the second half and get to enjoy double the story with such beautiful context


love the bird-dinosaur arts

you just got a watch, here is a suggestion, flamingo raptor...thats a long neck on claws

Also, pink! Amazing suggestion, will do

Hit and study

the wise words of my friend, Harley Schlanger.

This war can be stopped! - PAV