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Culpeo S. Fox. B.A.

Method Artist. Thai-German, based in Germany.

Specialised in Wildlife Art, Thai-Western-Mixed Art, Character Concept Art, Card Game Art, book illustration. Occasionally taking photos.

Also, silly comics.



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Yes, i'm the maker of that gif with that skull fox headbanging to your favourite music.

Favourite Visual Artist
Skia ♣ Werner Herzog ♣ David Lynch
Favourite Movies
The Fall ♣ Interstellar ♣ The Godfather ♣ Equilibrium ♣ The Prestige ♣ Ip Man ♣ In The Mood For Love ♣ The Wind Rises ♣ Jurassic Park ♣ La vita è bella ♣ The Legend Of 1900
Favourite TV Shows
Cowboy Bebop ♣ Avatar ♣ Steven Universe ♣ Gravity Falls ♣ Alfred J. Kwak ♣ NGE ♣ Digimon ♣ X/1999 ♣ Sailor Moon ♣ Ass Class ♣ Twin Peaks
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Hans Zimmer ♣ Bee Gees ♣ Maurice Gibb ♣ Pet Shop Boys ♣ Bruce Springsteen ♣ George Harrison ♣ John Williams ♣ Scorpions ♣ Susumu Hirasawa ♣ Falco ♣ Geinoh Yamashirogumi
Favourite Books
The Godfather ♣ The Green Mile ♣ The Neverending Story ♣ City Of Dreaming Books ♣ Empire Of The Ants ♣ Carter Beats The Devil ♣ Last Chance To See ♣ The Stone And The Flute
Favourite Writers
Skia ♣ Stephen King ♣ Franz Kafka ♣ Rudyard Kipling ♣ Michael Ende ♣ Walter Moers ♣ Victor Hugo ♣ Peter S. Beagle ♣ Horacio Quiroga
Favourite Games
Journey ♣ Undertale ♣ Pokémon ♣
Other Interests
Victorian Era ♣ Thai Mythology/History ♣ Aztecs ♣ Krabi Krabong ♣ Zoology ♣ The Concorde ♣ Antiquity

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Hello Culpeo-Fox, (Im sorry to interrupt here, but) would you like to do me a favor click on i just need some help for vote something of mine.

I just personally cannot tell you what your style does for me. The way you express meaning/feelings and symbolism through your works is simply beyond words for me. I’ve been telling anyone and everyone who asks me that you are my biggest inspiration for several years. Nothing you post is without a voice or context— whether hidden or not. I enjoy that. No other art style has moved me in a way quite like yours (and Skia’s) has.

I admire the teamwork and the connection you have over your works. You two are always on the same page even if the world is not.

Just had to get that out.

I so rarely log into dA these days....but here it is. My favourite comment of all time.

Thank you so much for these beautiful words. I can not tell you how much they mean to me. 🌹

You’re very welcome. I’m so privileged to have made your day by simply sharing my thoughts :)

Likewise, I cannot tell you what your art means to me, but I’m happy you got an impression through my words.

I love your arts. But what is your relation with Skia?

Partner in crime, life and art.