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    Talked to my son, James, this evening before heading off to work.  He got to Petaluma, CA this past Saturday, but couldn't report in until this past Monday.  Well, when he did, they decided to fast-track him into the class that just started then instead of making him wait for the next class in four weeks.  And that saved him a lot of time from doing scut work around the base until then.

    How cool is that!  
    Well, my son, James, called from Coast Guard boot camp today.  They finally got a base pass, so he's chowing down on snack food.  Says he's gained 4 pounds since he's been there.  He also says they feed you well, but he's watching his weight through what he eats, how much and exercise a lot!
    He'll get a town pass next weekend, should his company keep their collective nose clean, then he'll be coming home the following Thursday.  Be with us for a few days before heading out to California for schooling.
    I'm proud of him and his life choice!
    Finally got a letter yesterday from my son at the Coast Guard training facility in Cape May, NJ.  Actually, it was a form letter from the base commander outlining what they'll be doing once they form up a company and establish the company commander for the next 8 weeks.
    Now comes the letter writing that I and my older brothers have gone through during out tenures in our respective times in service.  But after the fifth week they'll be allowed to call home.  Can't wait to hear his 'horror stories'.
    And if things can't get any worse!  We're getting hit with some more snow on Friday here in Lawrence, KS.  It'll come through in the morning and be gone by late afternoon, and we're not knowing how much we'll be getting.
    But according to the Weather Channel, there might be some ice as well.  But what got me wrapped around the drive shaft is another storm coming up out of Texas that will merge with this storm and head eastward towards the mid-Atlantic region.  And drop more snow on them again.  And my son just got to Cape May, NJ yesterday to begin his 8-weeks of boot camp for the Coast Guard!
    Don't that just put a hole in your boat!
    Finally, my son shipped out today for the Coast Guard!  The weather was much better than two weeks ago; rain instead of snow.  
    We'll see him again at the end of May when boot camp is over and he flies back for a brief stay.  Then he'll get his car and other things before heading out to California for 28-weeks of schooling.
    I wish him the best of luck, and that Tyr looks after him.
Here we are, the 1st of April, and the first quarter of the new year is gone.  Brother!  Currently dealing with having a car's oil and filter changed as well as the tires rotated.  And this is on what used to be my wife's Camry.  Two weeks ago, my oldest son was driving home from Topeka, KS, where he's attending Washburn University.  He was driving my Kia Optima for travels to school, work, and other things older teenage boys involve themselves in.  At this time I was working my part-time job as a custodian for the Lawrence, KS, Parks and Recreation Department.  My late night work involves cleaning the locker rooms at three rec. centers.  I had just pretty much gotten started at the local community building when my cellphone rang.  It was James, my son.

"Hey, Pa, the car quit running."
"Where you at?"
"East of Topeka."
"What's wrong?"
"It just quit running."
"Okay, be there in a half hour."
"Gotcha, bye"

Well, I put my stuff away, clocked out and headed up the highway.  Found him not too far from the company I used to work for.  Checked the car out and found there was no oil on the dipstick.  We went up the road to a Casey's convenience store and got a couple of quarts of oil.  Drove back and put them in.  Maybe the oil level sensor (Newer cars go them, don't they?) couldn't read the level.  Still wouldn't start.  Called AAA and they sent out a tow truck to take to the local Kia dealership.
Anyway, the dealership called on Saturday morning and said the engine was seized up due to the lack of oil (Well, DUH!)  They would try to look around for a replacement.  Luckily it was start of Spring Break so I only had to drive James to work and home.  He did have a friend living close to the campus of KU and spent a couple of nights crashing there after work.  When the dealership called on Monday they said they found a used engine that they could put in.

"How much," I asked.
"Well, with the cost of the engine, labor, other material, and taxes, it would be around $4,500."
Ouch!  Ass bite!  I thanked them and will get back to them after talking with the wife.

She said, "No!  I'll give him my Camry and we'll get another car for him."

So we got a 2005 Toyota Avalon.  After driving it, my wife then said, "Hell, no, we're giving him the 2004 Camry!  No 19 year old needs leather seats, a sun/moon roof, and more room than you can swing a car around by it's tail."

Well, she didn't say the last part, but she was so enamored with this next step up from the Camry she wanted.  So now we have 3 Toyotas (I have the original 2001 Camry my wife and I bought brand new and just rolled over 350,000 miles just two days ago.)  We finally donated the Optima to the Wounded Warriors Project.  Now I need the wait for the paperwork to get here so I can return the plate and have the registration cleared from out name.  The things one does for his family.  And that's not counting my 64th birthday early in March.  Like my old Camry, I'm still chugging on.  'Nuff said!


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Writer for the Spontoon Island website. Have commissioned artwork from Taral Wayne, Jerry Collins and Louis Frank.


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