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Nine Sisters - G-Dawg Bishop by cullsoft Nine Sisters - G-Dawg Bishop by cullsoft
G-Dawg is from my Nine Sisters series of characters, starting out as designs of Shining Force 3's Grace cosplaying different fantasy roles and classes before being adapted into their own characters. I've been working on different stories, sketches and adventures with the characters, as well as working on building a few board games featuring them.

Youngest of the sisters, G-Dawg was miraculously found the morning after Goa was born and the sisters’ mother passed away, apparently having crawled out of the womb overnight. Many believe her mother transferred her remaining life force into G-Dawg, giving her incredible stamina and near invulnerability as well as a never-ending abundance of energy. Many find her constantly upbeat, inquisitive and hyperactive manner exhausting (even infuriating!), but her positivity can also encourage and energise her sisters in the bleakest moments. She also appears to have high intelligence hidden behind her childish habits, along with a bizarrely anachronistic knowledge… speaking of which, where the heck did she get that "ghetto blaster" from?
Martin-III Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2018   Writer
I have to admit, this one's a little too weird for my taste.  Good sense of energy in the pose, though.  And though this is probably an odd thing to fixate on, I like the way her arm fits through her sleeve loosely; it looks very natural.
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