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'Don't f*** with Prim' - The Library by cullsoft 'Don't f*** with Prim' - The Library by cullsoft
Something I came up with at the last minute for the LegacyofShiningForce group's "Legacy of the Shining Series" contest, whilst noticing the group doesn't have any Shining Soul 2 fanart and feeling a duty to correct that.

Those who are familiar with me may know that I see SS2's Prim (aka Paige in at least some English versions) as a bit of a no-nonsense badass. So when a couple of Klantol Castle's youths play a cruel prank on her during her study time, she gets them back... hard. Slamming a book into a muzzle doesn't hurt nearly as much as getting buried under a full bookshelf when knocked over with an oversized flail.

Drawn using a 2B mechanical pencil and putty eraser only.
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Martin-III Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015   Writer
I really meant to comment here before the contest was over... oh well.  I really get a kick out of your comic strips, and this is no exception. Nothing brings a smile to the face quite like a midget kyantol in robes kicking butt with a humongous flail. I especially like her intensely studious expression in the first panel and that badass glower at the end.

My only criticism is that the fourth panel is a bit unclear. You can tell that Prim is knocking over the bookshelf, but it took me a few reads to figure out she was doing it with the flail. I think what threw me was (1)the impact outline doesn't quite look like an impact outline and (2)Prim's body blocks off view of the flail chain.  Other than that, the whole strip flows very well and manages without dialogue quite nicely.
cullsoft Featured By Owner Edited May 5, 2015
Thanks for the feedback. :) One of things I've been working with in my Prim comic/character ideas is how everyone refers to (IIRC) all playable characters as if they're children in-game; with Prim I wanted this to be a case of "I'M NOT A CHILD, I'M JUST SHORT!" that nobody except her seems to be able to grasp.

Fair points about the fourth panel. As mentioned in the LOSF contest I ended up doing this in the hurry, and this frame is one of the bits that feels very much like a "first draft" that would be restaged in later versions. Action shots can be tricky to stage, and I wound up with limited space to do so (the strip as shown takes up the full sheet of A5 I was working from).

One of the other things that hinders the panel is that I wanted the comic to be completely textless as a way of making it "internationally accessible", so wanted to convey the flail smashing into the bookshelf without adding any onomatopoeia. Fortunately, I was able to use SS2's emoticon bubble concept everywhere else (the only concern being my use of the Heal book bubble in the last panel, which non-SS2 players may not get).
ArtemisRune Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll give you my vote. This made me laugh ^^
ExevaloN Featured By Owner Edited Mar 31, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Haha nice and funny!

Though if the fan-art was for the contest, it was supposed to be of either Shining In The Darkness, Shining Force or Shining Force Neo. I'll let it slide though.
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March 30, 2015
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