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25-min-no-erase: Prim by cullsoft 25-min-no-erase: Prim by cullsoft
Sketch of Shining Soul II's Prim (also known as Paige in the English version - I prefer her Japanese name.

After doing a "25-min-no-erase" picture of Shining Force's Khris (see here: [link]), I had a go at doing the same with Prim - she's a character I haven't drawn in ages, and one I thought could do with some representation. As can be expected from a Kyantol she's the token healing class, but can also wield flail-type weapons which happen to have the highest base attack power of SS2's weapons, giving her a bit of a "small girl with oversized weapon" trope, which I put to effect with the comparative size of the iron ball.

I generally followed the same priniciple of building the picture up with light-to-dark lineart without doing any erasing, though as this was also done during a work lunch break and I had a little bit of time to wait for my next bit of work to do was prepared, I spent a little time doing some shading practice on her hair and a few other spots.

Despite having time to do an extra bit of work, I'm not as pleased with this as I was with Khris. For one thing, Khris's pic was a bit more organic whilst this was more of a deliberate attempt at a "timed no-erase" pic. It's been a while since I drew Prim so I was working from rough memory of her outfit, thus why she's missing her hood and the front of her tabbard (think of this as something of an alternative outfit). Once again, the feet didn't come out right... though I was able to make a save by turning her original right foot into one of a pile of rocks. The spikes on the iron ball aren't pointing out in accurate directions either, and if I'd spent more time on the shading I'd have spent in one making this look more round/3D. Prim also doesn't look too feminine here, though that was a partially conscious effort - her in game sprite always makes me think she's got a bit of a passive-aggresive personality...

Drawn using a 2B mechanical pencil. Approx. 25 minutes taken to draw, plus approx. 10 mins spent on shading.
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bubbles46853 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
Tibby-san Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Where you getting Paige? : O I do like this. AND I LOOOOOOVE THE FLAIL! I have the english version of the game, not Europeanen one the US one. :3
cullsoft Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
Now you mention it, I think Paige was probably just an EU variation - I haven't played the US version, but vaguely recall people mentioning the difference (as well as many other odd name changes) back when the English versions were relased.
ExevaloN Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Nice job Culley.
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June 3, 2012
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