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Welcome to the culinary-like club where you only submit eatable creation inspired by fanarts from favorite movies/TV series/video games/ books/ etc
From birthday-theme cakes to simple food to make it looked like your favorite characters

Eatable fanart that you could EAT hehe
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Happy New Year everyone!!!
Today is the first day of the new year 2019!
Hope you all starting the new year!!!

Sorry that I miss this part ...but some days ago this club just hit another year since it was first made on Deviant Art.
Hope to see some new stuff during the new year!
Happy 3 Years :iconculinary-fanarts: club!
Just recently heard that the legendary Marvel comic creator Stan Lee who help create most of the Marvel heroes and villains that we all know of recently passed away at the age of 95!

RIP Stan Lee!
This year Easter mysteriously fall on April's Fools Day, so beware as you go out for Easter egg hunts, candy munching, and church goings. . . Someone could try to pull a fast one despite being Easter.

Hehe but still have a good Easter everyone!
Happy new year everyone!
Another new year for us to go through like the last hehe

Hope you all enjoy your day ^_^
First off, sorry that it been a while since this club did a club blog.  There nothong munch to write about in a fanclub that mainly on fanart food of different kinds.

Hope you all had a wonderful Chriatmas yesterday ^_^

As you all could see, today mark 2 years since I made this fanart food-based club on DeviantART.
It's not as popular than I thought it will be ... but it still remain strong with some stuff submitting from time to time.
Hopefully with more members in the new years, we hope to see more cool fanart made out of anything edible submit here.
I'm not giving up on this club yet hehe

Happy 2 Years :iconculinary-fanarts: club! Hope for many more as long there is still love for making different kind of good edible stuff of any favorite fanart of movies, TV, video games, books, etc!

Thanks for reading ^_^
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My Lord of the Rings cake by Sweetgirl333
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mcqueen Step-by-step by Verusca


ALLOW Clubs:
*Culinary of all kinds
*Fanarts of all kinds
*Fan-based clubs that also featured culinary masterpieces

NOT Allowed Clubs:
*R-rated M-rated based groups that shows to much
*Pairing groups (since this is mostly a food-based group)


Welcome to :iconculinary-fanarts: club where all kinds of eatable-like fanarts of your favorite movie/series/books/video games/etc goes!
From creative cakes to simple lunch food to make it looked like your favorite characters.
Any kind of food as long as it fanart-like

*Please keep it clean.
This is the kind of club that NOT ALLOW the kind of rated R/M rated stuff that shows to much! (Certain ones is allowed if it not to much if you know what I mean)

*Since this is a culinary-based club, NO drawn fanart (unless the ink or what ever you used to draw is from a food and meant to be a food masterpiece), NO craft-based fanart (unless it on anything eatable and meant to be a food masterpiece), and since it also mostly fanart-based, NO orginal culinary stuff like plain cookies and other well-known food stuff, it's not that kind of club.

*It could be ANYTHING Eatable!
Savory and sweet, big and small, breakfast-based, lunch-based, dinner/supper-based, dessert-based, drink-like-based, ETC As long as it culinary-food that makes something like art. . .fanart that is. . .
Popular Japanese lunches known as Bento is allowed as well since it known to make food art/fanarts as well as making it yummy too!
Fanarts drawn in food is also allowed!

*Please submit to the right folders. If you have something and have no idea where it goes or if it right for this club, kindly ask me, the founder.


Culinary creations inspired by the Wonderful World of Disney, one of the popular movie/TV series studio ever!
ALSO ALLOWED: Pixar, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, older Disney series (like DuckTales), live-action movies and TV series that's from Disney (like Maleficent, Once Upon a Time, ETC)………………………

*DreamWorks Animation*
Culinary creations inspired by the popular animated studio of DreamWorks Animation that first brought you Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and many more.
ALSO ALLOWED: Animated series inspired from the DreamWorks Animation movies like Kung Fu Panda: The Legend of Awesomeness, HTTYD Riders of Berk, ETC (The ones that mostly comes on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Netflix).
WARNING the live-action version of the studio DreamWorks goes to the folder 'Live-Action Movies and Series' folder since it have nothing to do with the animation studio version.…

Culinary creations inspired by one of the popular known TV cartoon/animated channels.
ALSO ALLOWED: Nick Junior, older Nickelodeon series (like Rugrats)
WARNING The live-action movies that made from Nickelodeon goes to the folder 'Live-action movies and series' since it got nothing to do with the animated TV channel.…

*Cartoon Network*
Culinary creations inspired by one of the popular known cartoon/animated TV channels
From the old cartoons to the new ones.……

*Marvel-DC-Other Graphic Novel-Comic-based*
Culinary creations inspired by one of the popular comic-based studios like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Archies Comics, ETC
ALSO ALLOWED: movies and TV series versions (unless those like some Marvel cartoon series from Disney XD series version goes to Disney folder).…………

*Funnies Comics-Movies-Series*
Culinary creations inspired from movies and TV series that first came from the funnies comics from newspapers.
Even inspired of those that just from the comic strips and was never made into movies/TV series yet.
LIKE: Garfield, The Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, ETC…

Culinary creations inspired by animated creations that made from clay-like animation of Stop-motion.
LIKE The Corpse Bride, Coranlie, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, Kubo, etc
WARNING: certain stop-motion goes to other folders (like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Frankenweenie goes to folder Disney since Disney help makes that)……

*Video Games*
Culinary creations inspired by the world of video games that been played from the old systems to the latest ones.
From cakes and other food stuff that looked like the game systems to the kinds that's from it (like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc)
WARNING Movie versions, TV series version, and Comic versions of some video games goes to other folders.……

Culinary creations inspired by the popular comic and cartoon world of Japanese's most popular culture.
From graphic 'manga' novels to animated 'anime' cartoons on TV.
LIKE: Pokémon, One Piece, Naruto, Vampire Knight, Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, ETC
Also allow movies-based from Studio Ghibli and other movie-anime studios.………

Culinary creations inspired by the popular toy/movie/TV/ brand LEGO!
From simple LEGO blocks to LEGO characters from lots of different movies and TV series.
Anything LEGO goes in this folder!
WARNING: Normal character-based that's NOT LEGO goes in other folders.…

Culinary creations inspired by the written books that we all love to read.
From Harry Potter series (book version in this folder), to one novel like.
Fairy-tales that's from books to other children-illustration books that we all know and love is also welcomed as long as it said it from a book-version of it.
WARNING: Movie and TV series-versions of certain books (like movie/TV versions of Harry Potter, Eragon, How to Train Your Dragon, ETC) goes to other folders…

*Live-Action Movies-Series*
Culinary creations inspired by live-action like movies and TV series.
WARNING: No mated ratings that shows to much please! Keep it simple please.
Cartoon/animated version of some live-action stuff goes to other folders AND certain other kind of live-action movies (like live-action movies from Disney goes to Disney) also go to other folders.…

*Other Animated Movies-Series*
Culinary creations inspired by other cartoon and animated movies and series that don't belong in the other folders.
Like from the studios of Don Bluth, Warner Bros, Blue Sky, 20th Century Fox, ETC
Like The Hub Network, 4Kids, ETC
WARNING: if a certain amount of certain studio based (like mostly Universal-based) get too much in this folder, it might be enough to gain it own folder among the ones like Disney, DreamWorks Animation, and many others.……….………

Culinary-like creations that holds more than one subject like a crossover with two or more different fanart-based.
EXAMPLE: Something Disney crossover with something of DreamWorks (like different kinds of cupcakes or something like two different things clashes on a big cake, or etc).
Other crossover-like creations (like Disney with Disney) goes to other folders

*Food Carving*
Culinary-like creations that holds drawings and carvings of fanart on any food.
LIKE: on pumpkins, watermelons, other types of melons, apples, etc.
It have to be fanart-based in this club, so orginal designs of food carvings is not allow!
Other cravings that's NOT on anything eatable like wood carvings is also not allow!

Culinary creations inspired by creations that don't belong in other folders.
-Simple favorite team of official basketball/baseball/football/etc (no made-up kinds)
-Official Music-bands (Like One Direction, Nick Jonas, etc other singers/bands-base)
-Actors/Actresses fanart stuff
-Official Resturant logo/food-based (like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc! No simple ones like just a plain burger cake please)
-Step-by-step tutorials
WARNING: if a certain part get a certain amount in this folder, it might gain it own folder

Hope you all enjoy! >_<

(if you see more clubs like this, please let me know and I'll add it to this club to make it easier for those who want to join theses clubs >_<
:iconfandom-foods: :iconculinaryarts-of-mlp: :iconspongebobcakeart:





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