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Top Gear superheroes

What the Top Gear team would look like if they were superheroes. From left to right (because there's no possible way you could recognise them with masks that hides their identeties as well as these does!) James May as Captain Slow, Richard Hammond as CeleryNumberMan and Jeremy Clarkson as Dr.Power.

When I was drawing this, I thought the AK-47 was going to be the worst (it was quite tedious), but in then end, it was Jeremy's mouth I couldn't get right. I kept redrawing it until I couldn't be bothered anymore and went with this.

Please leave a comment, and if you like it, you should check out my comic about their superhero-adventures, CeleryNumberMan. You can find it in my gallery.
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this made my day
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this is a LOL. :D it's really quite good!!!
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Eh, that's OK. My friends love this picture,as it was my screensaver for about three weeks. :D
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You've been featured!! ^^ [link]
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That's just awesome.
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Captain slow! To the rescue XD!
BlueHedgie's avatar
Really cool! Are Captain Slow and Dr.Power gonna be appearing in the CeleryNumberMan comic?
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Thank you!
They most certainly will, it's only a matter of time.
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Yay! I can't believe I didn't see this before! They are all so cool! :+fav: You should make a comic where all three of them are superheroes.
Culf's avatar
I am! CeleryNumberMan will team up with Captain Slow and Dr. Power and together, they'll protect cars and fight villains such as Piers Morgan.
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Oh awesome! I didn't know they'd be joining Hamster! Now I REALLY can't wait for the next part :D
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Wow!!!! I love it. Especially the Hammond as CeleryNumberMan lol
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Thank you! Thanks for the fav and for friending me!
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Tee hee, CeleryNumberMan. Got that from Jonathon Ross, no doubt. :D
I love it, gave me a giggle! :giggle:
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I did! Damn that Wossy, making me write a comic and everything.
Glad you liked it.
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:O WoW!! Now that is inspired!!:D v v v v v v v v kwl!!:)
Culf's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it!
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lol Captain slow is a legend!
Culf's avatar
He is, isn't he? Thanks for the fav!
666qqq666's avatar
No problem, his show on the 20th century has been good too.
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:lmao: Captain Slow. I :+fav:ed just for that. The turtle emblem is hilarious. Another great piece of Top Gear fan art.
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