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    please, I don't really mind if you want to upload it on another page as tumblr... BUT I only ask you to put the credit and the link back :)

EDIT 01/08/2013: people look! :D ~cuppereya is doing a fanfiction based on this picture! :D… why not give it a look? .3.

this lineart was done when the first HTTYD2 images was released but I forget to paint it hehe xD and now with the new teaser I decided to add some color :P

originally this was thought to make an adult version of this drawing:
but ended up being little more like 'royalty' :giggle: I like the fact that it seems like if Merida and Hiccup belong to a kingdom, while Rapunzel and Jack belong to another... each with their respective queens! :D and maybe the boys are their personal bodyguard? :XD: and yes... in this AU Jack is human and can grow because I said so! :XD:

maybe later I redo their faces... I feel that look a bit strange /:
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How I would like this to be an official crossover... I already know copyright. this art is incredible.