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Lords of kingdoms

By Cuine
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    please, I don't really mind if you want to upload it on another page as tumblr... BUT I only ask you to put the credit and the link back :)

EDIT 01/08/2013: people look! :D ~cuppereya is doing a fanfiction based on this picture! :D… why not give it a look? .3.

this lineart was done when the first HTTYD2 images was released but I forget to paint it hehe xD and now with the new teaser I decided to add some color :P

originally this was thought to make an adult version of this drawing:
but ended up being little more like 'royalty' :giggle: I like the fact that it seems like if Merida and Hiccup belong to a kingdom, while Rapunzel and Jack belong to another... each with their respective queens! :D and maybe the boys are their personal bodyguard? :XD: and yes... in this AU Jack is human and can grow because I said so! :XD:

maybe later I redo their faces... I feel that look a bit strange /:
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Rapunzel's outfit reminds me of Zelda's in Twilight Princess.
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I just love how Rapunzel, even in formal attire, is still naked feet! :)
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It has its advantages to be queen. can make the rule of not wearing shoes! ouo hehehehheeh 
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While I'm not into this crossover, this picture was just so cool I had to fave it :)
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This is beautiful though toothless could be bigger and better proportioned 
Have a look at how I proportioned my nightfury on my page
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Well, dragons live to be far older than humans, he's probably done growing.
AlphaEliatrope's avatar
Toothless's tail looks a bit small, but that's probly just me.
But I'm also getting a very ready-for-war type of vibe from the boys and just realized Rapunzel is barefoot.
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and also is jack! XD I dont know why but I just need to draw them barefoot haha (even here
yes I think he looks small in general hehe animals is not my thing :XD: although he's supposed to be sitting so the tail is turning around from behind and that part cant be seenShrug 
Ask-Tabitha-Cartman's avatar
This reminds me of Game of Thrones for a reason...
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yes a bit xD on that moment I dont saw GOT but now yes hahahhaha 
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This is AWESOME!
Soulslayer317's avatar
really like the outfits Hiccup and Jack are weraing. Like his prosthetic leg  and Jack's staff.
atram95's avatar
Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
gordhanx's avatar
Great job on the adult versions of the gang. I like the designs, details, clothes, colouring, expressions and posing.
morrsushi's avatar
Wow, this is fantastic. I think jack should stay this age, he looks hot! Whoops, I mean cold.😉
RapunzelNoMore's avatar
These all look great!!! I love the Big 4!
Minxy-Moo's avatar
I was influenced by your rendition of Merida in this image, and created this:…

I loved the way you made her hair! I hope you like my design!
You are such a wonderful artist, and I love seeing your Big Four Art!
Cuine's avatar
:heart: ooh my soooo beautiful!! :love:
awww and thank you n.n
Pikapuff123's avatar
I'm not a fan of the big 4 but I like this
AlchemistWitch14's avatar
I love this very detailed in depths
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Yes! I love it.
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Well, it kind of makes sense; Hiccup is the son of the chief of his villiage so he'll be chief some day and Merida and Rapunzel are princesses so they'd become queens, I'm not really sure what Jack would be king of though.
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