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DIY: Totoro t-shirt

Hi, guys! I made a video tutorial on how to make  DIY Totoro t-shirt!
It would mean the world to me if you could check it out :) (Smile)…

It is very easy to make, if you need help go to my blog:…

or if you have ANY questions I'll be more then happy to answer them! If you make one please tag me on twitter or instagram
 ( @sloppyunicorn ) so I can see it like and comment <3 Thanks for lovely feedback, you guys are amazing!

YouTube channel:…
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This is wonderful :D
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That looks awesomeeee, mayby a silly question but what kind of paint did u use, just textiel paint or? ^^
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Acrylic paints, they become waterproof when dry :)
It's said in the video, check it out if you'd like <3
Thanks for feedback, there're no silly questions! 

Soot Sprite Star Rain 
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Awesome, you did a awesome job, i am gonna try it too thanks alot for the awesome idea, and the great example :happybounce: 
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Thanks again, if you make one maybe tag me at instagram or twitter ( @sloppyunicorn) so I can see it?
I would love to see yours :)
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Welcome ^^, yeah i will ^^ im shall add you (mine is lazymusicfreak)
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Wow that's a good way to save money :)
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Yeah! It costed almost nothing and I find things handmade even more meaningful than something you just buy in shop :) :)
Thanks for feedback Totoro Umbrella for Erichan 
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Yeah exactly, Plus they could also be good as gifts as well. You can look back on them and create memories.
No problem, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work :) 
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That's right, I often give this kind of presents to my friends and they always seems to love it, 
it really shows that you care :) 
That's so nice to hear I will try to post more regulary but 
I am pretty tight on time lately.. ahh 
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Thats true :) Well good luck on everything :)!
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How would you wash the shirt if it got dirty without ruining the paint?
(btw I admire how steady your hands are for painting xD )

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Thank you very much! Unfortunately you can only wash it by hand if you're using acrylic paints, they (when dry for 48h) become waterproof, but if you wash it in washing machine in very hot water the image starts to fade :( But if you wash it by hand it's all fine!
And you can always use fabric paints that I believe are waterproof and good to wash in washing machine, but I personaly never have used them.
Hope I helped! Take care Totoro 
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Thank you so much for the info~
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tak bardzo fajne ♥
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