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BIG EDIT: I'm sorry it took me so long to say this, but this group is going to be discontinued. Though I had high hopes for it, I just don't have enough time in my life to dedicate to a species group alongside my personal projects and work life ;n; You're free to do what you wish with your species designs, keep them as is or change them into something else, I don't mind. This group and the content so far built up for it will be staying online for archival purposes (it may be helpful for people starting their own groups, or for me to refer to in the future). I'm sorry for any inconveniences they may have caused...

Art by Shlimaz

WELCOME to CuilleckCanyon!

CuilleckCanyon is an ARPG group focussed around Cuillecks, a Closed Species owned by TawnySoup, among other Species from the same world! The group is currently under construction, and though you can't submit anything yet, you can join! There is much planned!


1. Anyone can join this group, even if you don't own a Cuilleck/TaiintySoup species!
2. All submissions to the group must be related to Cuillecks or Cuilleck-world species (exceptions being human characters that reside in this world). No unrelated artwork!
3. There's no pressure to partake in any of the tasks or events, but doing so can earn you helpful and cool items for your species characters!
4. Please no spamming, bullying, or other hateful actions. You have 3 warnings, and then a block (unless it is clear that you are there only to troll/cause upset, in which case you will be blocked with no warnings).
5. Misuse/cheating to get shop items that you do not have the shards for will result in all MYO ticket privileges being made off limits to you, and further banning from the group if you continue. Please follow the rules and work hard to play along as I do not have the time to manage every single transaction, being only one (already busy) person!

How do I get a Cuilleck/Taiintysoup Species?

If you're willing to spend, you can get designs from TawnySoup through set-price/ota/auction adoptions, custom designs, or MYO slots! If you don't have much to spare, keep your eyes out for DTAs, contests, games and events, and rack up points (by drawing other people's characters) to eventually help pay for your own design!


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CuilleckCanyon GUIDE

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|____________Cuillecks_| |_SHARDS (Currency!)_|
|____________Vulcators_| |_Shard Shop_________|
|____________Venunchors_| |_Stat Boost Cafe______|
|______________Plumadra_| |_Shard Tracker Base___|
|_______________Humans_| |_Character Tracker Base|
|________How to get one!_| |_Star Shard Bank_______|


Bulletmaroon by Wooded-WolfVulcator Initiation Trial
(First Flames)
Bulletmaroon by Wooded-WolfFirst Hunt Training Trial


Bulletbronze by Wooded-WolfVenunchor Initiation Trial
(Forest Journey)
Bulletbronze by Wooded-WolfFirst Rescue Training Trial


Bulletrose by Wooded-WolfPlumadra Initiation Trial
(The Ravine)
Bulletrose by Wooded-WolfTreasurehunt Training Trial


Human Initiation Trials:
Bulletharlequin by Wooded-WolfStrange World Trial - Bulletharlequin by Wooded-WolfA New Home Trial
Bulletharlequin by Wooded-WolfCompanionship Trial


Bulletcharcoal by Wooded-WolfLanguage Learning Trial
Bulletcharcoal by Wooded-WolfExploration Adventure Quest



None right now!


None right now!

Group Info

A WIP ARPG group for Cuillecks and other species belonging to TawnySoup! Submissions are closed until the group can start running properly, but membership is open. I will also potentially be looking for staff helpers!

Founded 2 Years ago
Apr 2, 2017


36 Members
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2,314 Pageviews
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UntamedFantasy Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaahhh so excited :D
Hopefully i can get a good stylus to draw with  because all of mine are broken... ahem..
If you'd ever need it, i'd be happy to help as a guest artist, may the need arise. 
Judging from the update times you aren't very active rn... but if this group goes anywhere then again i'd be more than happy to help !
MrGrackle Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
quick question, if you would like I can help by being a guest artist? 
coldioc Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Student General Artist
gasp, i own this plumadra, totally gonna use him in this group B)…