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PE: Short Circuit part 1
“What the hell do you think you’re doing here?”
Artimis looked down at the young camerawoman, an irritated look on his face.
“Do you realize that there are several powerful fighters in this area? As a judge, I refuse to have any civilian casualties here!”
“Well, YEAH, of course I know!” The woman said, getting to her feet. “This battle will make for some GREAT footage to edit into my film project!” She dusted off her camera, not paying attention as Artimis rubbed his brow in frustration.
“Damn… you’re from Thorn and Rose, aren’t you?”
“Yessir! Margaret Channing, sir! I’m an intern, and my mentor thought to send me here to grab some action scenes!”
“For the love of God,” Artimis groaned. “As if that blueprint Ebola messed up wasn’t bad enough…”
“You mean the one for the building that looks like a giant pe-”
“YES, that one,” Artimis quickly interrupted. &
:iconclosetextrovert:ClosetExtrovert 3 5
PE: Short Circuit part 2
“No signal. Locke, where the hell ARE you?”
Lode checked around for a sign of Tony as she wandered through the labyrinth of tunnels making up the ancient foundation. She couldn’t see him, which could cause trouble even if he was getting tired from their battle. No idea where he could be, the meatbag could even be regrouping and planning a strategy with his teammates…
While her own partner was nowhere to be seen. This was not how their second mission for Warren was supposed to go. He had said a three-on-two match against a shape shifter, cyborgs and psychic. A simple thing, especially when they couldn’t use their weapons or powers. So why did the match go wrong? They were in an even worse situation than the match against the were-tapir, and Warren never even mentioned that about him…
Vladimir Warren. He said they were under contract, that he wanted them moving forward in the tournament. Then he refuses to give them any information that could help? This wasn
:iconclosetextrovert:ClosetExtrovert 3 0
PE: Short Circuit part 3
Artimis groaned as he saw his new protégée run towards where this new development in the match was taking place.
“Miss Channing!” he yelled as he chased after the woman, wondering how she could move so quickly with all that film equipment.
“Stop and think about this! The three over there agreed not to involve contestants, but the robot wouldn’t hesitate to kill you!”
“First of all,” Margaret said as she clung to the steady-cam, getting as much footage on Locke and Lode’s fight as she could, “that thing’s busy with her teammate. Can you believe the guy was hacked? And now they’re fighting each other in an epic battle between siblings! What a twist, I can’t WAIT to go into editing with this!”
Miss Channing, your LIFE is on the line here. Get back to Thorn and Rose studios and tell your boss that the situation is too dangerous to send EXPERIENCED film makers here, much less interns!”
“Please, you’re
:iconclosetextrovert:ClosetExtrovert 3 8
++ Chimera ++ by Venji ++ Chimera ++ :iconvenji:Venji 39 12 white flag by e1n white flag :icone1n:e1n 186 38 Phantom Hourglass - 005 by e1n Phantom Hourglass - 005 :icone1n:e1n 555 76 Phantom Hourglass - 001 by e1n Phantom Hourglass - 001 :icone1n:e1n 601 143 Talon vs. Necrosan by Talonclawfange Talon vs. Necrosan :icontalonclawfange:Talonclawfange 42 34 Foxfeather Talon pendant by Illahie Foxfeather Talon pendant :iconillahie:Illahie 96 85 -SD- Swim Team by Dyemelikeasunset -SD- Swim Team :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,251 576 -SD- 7 Deadly Sins by Dyemelikeasunset -SD- 7 Deadly Sins :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 2,991 1,276 Thanks for 10K watches by Dyemelikeasunset Thanks for 10K watches :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,470 803 JESUS CHRIST by heysawbones JESUS CHRIST :iconheysawbones:heysawbones 37 44 mike lu and og by CreatureOfEclipse mike lu and og :iconcreatureofeclipse:CreatureOfEclipse 14 5




stating how school/life becomes too busy for me to update and realising I'm dangerously becoming that person who used to draw.

I'm not even really busy.

I'm just gonna sit on my ass and eat chocolate until I figure myself out. Awwyyeeaaaaaaeehhhhhhhmeh


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