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North Central Faerun map

Updated version of my Greater Moonsea map, with the text, roads, markers and new heraldry all vector based to make it more user friendly.
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Excellent work! I am doing a campaign with kingdom building starting out in Daggerdale and with this .svg format and logical layering I can easily adapt what I show. Perfect map for the setting. Thank you.

I very like your work, but also map has issue with color legend - purple color of Underdark and blue color of underwater location isn't mentioned anywhere on map.

Excellent! I'm doing similar for Anauroch. Wondering if you have the other half of the Great Desert? And if you could share a hi res jpg version (of your map or the map of the other half of Anauroch), that would be great. I'll happily share my updated map once I'm done :)

Thanks, and sadly not. This is all I have made, and I have currently no plans on expanding the map in any direction.

this is great. amazing

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Thank you SO, so much for posting this in SVG. You've saved me literally days of time rebuilding a similar map in campaign cartographer for my home game.

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Now I just need to revert a few of the locations to year 1370. Also moved the aquatic and underdark locations to their own layers.

Hiya cheeze, can you let me know which program you used? Trying to do a similar thing

This is a really appreciated endeavor - what program do you recommend viewing this with I have tried a couple and they timeout :(

Just a followup I think there is a corruption in the download file - I have found that using Chrome as a viewer it will load and display Shadowdale and westwards anything to the East it doesn't load - am happy to send through a screenshot if it will help

My bad, I had forgotten to resize it. The whole image should now display in any browser.

I can't read any of this?

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Click the download link to get the SVG file and then open in a program like Inkscape.

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Oooh, neat. Highly detailed maps are always appreciate.
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