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The Knight

By Cuellar
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The Knight Archetype is probably one of my Favorites....Known for his chivalry, loyalty, self-sacrifice and protection, the Knight is most known for his love of honor...but be careful of Romantic delusions with these Knights....:)
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CharlestheComicArtis's avatar
not a knight
if any thing that's a naked centurian
look at his swowd
its a Gwadius
ummmmm isn't that a roman weapon? an the cross on his chest is jesus, which isn't what the romans worshipped. plus, roman soldiers weren't referred to as knights
UniqueRomance's avatar
Makes me sad that there aren't more of this man in this look.
SorbusRowan's avatar
Hey there, would it be okay if I used this image on my site promoting a modernised version of chivalry?
You can check out the current site here:

Full credit and copyright will be retained by you, and a "Image(s) courtesy of ______" message with a link to a site of your choice shall be placed at the bottom of the page.

Kriederson's avatar
hmm... kind of neat, but the mixture sof Roman Catholic, Roman and Greek is kind of too much
Gorgeous sword - that dude is carved out of stone. This is a fantastic image.
angels-anthem's avatar
why is he trying to cut off his fingers...?
Valkyhria's avatar
Knight, huh? Is that why you're holding a gladius? A ROMAN weapon? Roman fighters were either legionnaires or gladiators. Not knights.
Bobcatx2's avatar
Hahaha right!?! :D
GolanArms's avatar
He has a catholic cross and the sword looks more like a spatha, could be a late era roman where the roman army started to use more cavalry.
Uruk1's avatar
A knight isn't just a mounted soldier...
GilRogRod's avatar
Fantastic photo.
...Now I want to see his other sword!
ContagiousKitty's avatar
Gorgeous Picture!
If you want to I will use it for my upcoming book and I will give you a lot of credit for letting me use it.
Please say yes.
deseodesigns's avatar
Worthy of being the cover of a book or a movie poster. Beautiful shot!
Ladye-Authiel's avatar
thats dead sexy. a half naked man with a sword, what more could you want?
Kreilk's avatar
Lady-of-the-Hearts's avatar
very good pose, and very good lighting. I love the sword :)
Rotaken's avatar
i would not like to ruin that self-sacrifice myth but you know where that habit for letting ladies enter first comes? from knights! they were so feared of being assasinated that they let the ladies enter first ...and if there were an assasin he/she stabbed the lady and knight remained intact plus by the time the knight already did have enough time to draw his sword and kill the assasin... I'm not sure if this is true but sounds reasonable.
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citizenxt99's avatar
Awesome! Love the lighting, this hotties pose, and the whole theme is really nice.
Zaharaa's avatar

Hi :wave:
You submitted this to the group FAVS rather than into the gallery itself, I have just asked your permission to submit it to the correct gallery in the group instead.

Thanks so much and welcome to the group :blowkiss:
Great oogly moogly!:faint:
This is an actual photograph!!!????!!?!?!
The context! the lighting! he looks like he just strolled off the battlefield!
How did you find this guy? He even looks like a true Praetorian Guard! So much win in genealogy accuracy that it's almost giving me a nose bleed.:giggle:
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