y'all pls bear with me, a girl is going through it right now asdjkfsa
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By cueen
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i have never spoken/posted to your before.. i can see you are going through alot. I just want to say i LOVE your adopts. I truly am sad i missed number 1 from your last batch cause she was perfection.. Keep your head up and push through!! ^o ^ you are very very talented and i know tons of people would love to see more of your work <3
always remember time heals all and things get better!! <3  
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ah yeah it's been rough, but i'm pushing through it and trying to do what's best for me
thank you for the kind words!
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You're fine! :heart: Take your time and whenever you're relaxed, I'm sure you'll make the right decision for yourself. ; u;
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thank you so much! i really appreciate it