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account update! (i got instagram now!)

account update! (i got instagram now!)

hey everyone! so i know i haven't been around much lately, but i wanted to come back and update you guys on some things regarding my art and account and such! i know that a lot of people have left because of eclipse, which is totally understandable (i was thinking about it too haha)! while i don't foresee myself leaving deviantart, i wanted to give more options for those who are still interested in my stuff but are no longer on deviantart! i'll be making an instagram that i'll post all of my completed pieces and doodles on, and it will be my nicer portfolio of sorts i will continue to post on my deviantart account as well, but it'll moreso be things such as adopts and ocs. i had originally wanted to just move to instagram a while back, but i never got around to it because i haven't been drawing as much as i would like to, so i saw no point in moving accounts if i wasn't gonna post anything yaknow but i invested in clip studio paint which i'm really excited to start using! i'll probably



hi everyone! i just wanted to come back on here say a statement, and the fact that it's controversial is extremely sad but, black. lives. matter. it's truly disheartening that we live in a society that allows the killings of innocent black people, by people who are supposed to PROTECT us nonetheless. the fact that we still have to fight for basic human rights in this day and age is really depressing. please, take some time out of your day to at least educate yourself on what is happening in the world right now, and support the movement in any way you are able to. contact state attorneys and representatives, donate, protest, sign petitions, support black businesses! use your privilege to stand up for others who are plagued with injustice! these are tough circumstances we are in right now, so anything helps! just know that any effort at all is better than none. i want you all to stay safe and i love you all! here are some websites with information! there are many, many more resources

my customs! (closed)

my customs! (closed)

will be closed for a while. i don't have a specified time for when i reopen them, but i will update you guys when i do! thanks for the interest! a custom will be $15 each!  -can do any species (human, anthro, pony, gem, etc! even closed species as long as it's okay with the owner!)  -comes with one outfit, doesn't come with a background unless requested!  -each additional outfit is $5 each, any additional forms (for example, a feral form of an anthro) will cost extra examples: +more examples in my gallery! rules: -i will start your custom once i've been paid! -you are free to repost what i've drawn for you! all i ask for is credit

my drawing commissions!! (closed)

my drawing commissions!! (closed)

will be closed for a while. i don't have a specified time for when i reopen them, but i will update you guys when i do! thanks for the interest! 🌸drawing commission of OC🌸 bust: $15 thigh up: $20 fullbody: $25    -comes with a background of your choice    -extra characters are $5 each for bust, $10 each for thigh up, and $15 each for a fullbody    -anything like highly detailed backgrounds, animations, etc cost extra. i am willing to try anything tho, so don't be afraid to ask!! examples: 🌷plain reference sheet🌷 $30    -comes with two outfits and a background of your choice    -each additional
hey all! just wanted to remind you guys that i am currently posting my favorite works on instagram @ cyenn_art! as a general update though, i am surviving! i am in my first semester in university now, majoring in animation and illustration! it's rea
finally going to start uploading to my instagram! i had gotten super busy for a while because of an out of town friend visiting, and school stuff so i haven't really gotten to work on my page yet ;w; but now things are settling down so i can start w
hello friends, it is that time!! i am planning on making a tooon of adopts soon to make some extra money, so if there any themes or ideas you'd like to see for an adopt feel free to let me know!! ♥♥♥
i have 3 color themes that have left for adopts, which should i do next?? blue, orange, or green!
how does one get the inspiration to draw 🤔 i have the motivation and energy to but i have 0 ideas of what i wanna draw and i'm perishing
y'all pls bear with me, a girl is going through it right now asdjkfsa
hey all! just wanted to let you guys know that i'm feeling better again, so i will be finishing up all commissions soon, and then hopefully making some more adopts! thanks for waiting!
hi guys! for those who got commissions and customs from me, it might take a little longer than expected to finish them because i got sick with a sinus infection ;w; i'll still try my best to get them out as fast as possible! thanks all!
hi everyone! i have just reopened my commissions and customs journals! if you are interested in getting anything from me, please go check them out!
hi guys! i know people have been asking and i'm glad to say that i will be reopening customs and commissions soon!! i am redoing the journals and prices and such so expect that to come in soon! if you would like to be tagged when the journals are pos...
wassup guys! i just bought a new phone for myself and christmas is coming around so i'm in need of some money! what kind of adopts would you like to see? i'm planning on doing some more color theme adopts as well (purple is the next batch!)
check out this collab adopt between me and deertails! she will be uploading a new one every day for the month of october, so be on the lookout for that!

hi friends i am doing a christmas advent with @sacrafri...

  |  8 votes

should i attempt to do halloween adopts

  |  92 votes
  • yas queen do it!
  • nah just make regular adopts!

hi friends if u liked my pony designs i did a halloween...

  |  2 votes

which adopts would you guys prefer?

  |  141 votes
  • curly adopts 2 (closed) by cueen more adopts, less detailed
  • blurple adopts (closed) by cueen less adopts, more detailed

pls check out this myo event for this new species calle...

  |  9 votes

do you prefer to comment on a journal or note someone f...

  |  86 votes
  • comment on a journal!
  • note!

what color palettes do you gravitate to in adopts? (or ...

  |  111 votes
  • earthy tones
  • neon colors
  • pastel colors
  • dark colors
  • black/white with pops of color
  • monotone color palettes

i might release another base pack with the bases i've b...

  |  45 votes
  • yes pls
  • no thx

what style of mine would you order a commission of? ps....

  |  133 votes
  • style 1: thin lines, mostly flat colors fruity pebbles by cueen lovesick by cueen
  • style 2: thicker lines, more shading wiggles braids by cueen lululululu by cueen
  • style 3: cartoony buddy by cueen drowning by cueen

also, for adopts, do you guys prefer more realistic des...

  |  92 votes
  • realistic!
  • fantasy!

what should i try out next for my art? because i have n...

  |  35 votes
  • different lining style! (thin lines or soft lines or something)
  • different coloring style! (maybe flat colors? idk)
  • experiment more with layouts (backgrounds, shapes, stuff like that)

should i just label my adopts as auctions since i only ...

  |  43 votes
  • ya make them auctions
  • no keep them as otas