my drawing commissions!! (closed)

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will be closed for a while. i don't have a specified time for when i reopen them, but i will update you guys when i do! thanks for the interest!

🌸drawing commission of OC🌸

bust: $15
thigh up: $20
fullbody: $25

    -comes with a background of your choice
    -extra characters are $5 each for bust, $10 each for thigh up, and $15 each for a fullbody
    -anything like highly detailed backgrounds, animations, etc cost extra. i am willing to try anything tho, so don't be afraid to ask!!

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🌷plain reference sheet🌷


    -comes with two outfits and a background of your choice
    -each additional outfit is $5 each, any additional forms (for example, a feral form of an anthro OC) will cost extra

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🍓gif reference sheet🍓


    -comes with two outfits, as well as drawn out likes, dislikes, accessories, etc! comes with a background
    -each additional outfit is $5 each, any additional forms (for example, a feral form of an anthro OC, will cost extra)




    -comes with a simple animation, such as blinking, and a background
    -can do more complex animations but will cost extra

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-i am open to drawing most things, but i will not draw anything involving drugs/alcohol/sex/stuff of that nature, i'm sure you get the gist.
-i will start your commission once i've been paid!
-i can send wips of your commission if requested! just ask!
-you are free to repost what i've drawn for you! all i ask for is credit (tagging me, linking back to my page, etc!)

i take points and paypal! ($1 = 100Points)

just fill out the form and comment down below/note me it and i'll get started!

commission style:
background (if any):
any other details:
payment method (points or paypal):

hidden comments on this journal are completed comissions! i just like to keep things decluttered uvu
if you have any questions, let me know and i'll answer them asap!
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If the ref sheet commissions open again please let me know <3
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starfawnsHobbyist Digital Artist
hello do you also make pony icons? :0